[On hold] June 2022 Marketing strategy to Expand LEAFES Dao

Hey, it’s LEAFES team here. We say HI @marketingdao-council

It’s our first proposal to the Marketing Vertical, so we believe you will love & appreciate our project as we do our best to make it great for the NEAR community.


I’m super excited to present you my proposal for June’s edition of LEAFES DAO.

  1. LEAFES DAO - platform and decentralized tools for transforming the Fashion industry stakeholders into a full-featured DAO (like the main area for Fashion business, Metaverse and NFT creators).
  2. Fashion Community is an ecosystem for Fashion designers, creators, and professionals .
  3. LEAFES Fab- NFT suits marketplace for metaverse & gamers with on demand real production.

LEAFES - a new step in the fashion industry between the real and digital world.

We will drive Fashion guild with an opportunity to transform into a full-fledged DAO and tokenize Fashion NFT assets, gain access to a wide range of investors for their intensive development. Investors and funds will receive tools for investment in Fashion NFT for Metaverse, that based on industrial standards, market evaluation and analytics, to make an informed decision where to invest money for the future of Fashion Metaverse. And they all will be connected to real garments production and supply chain worldwide.

We want to create the DAO Fashion guild as a community management solution. Our team is inspired to build up a community consisting of two main groups:

:lollipop: NEAR users club, who will get the first access to unique collections and drops, discounts from the top world brands, access to closed Fashion shows and parties.

:lollipop: Fashion community consisting of the most trendy designers, trendsetters, stylists, models and from all over the world, such as Kanye West, Demna Gvasalia, Gosha Rubchinsky.

Our June plan is:

  1. To launch a special NEAR Jacket drop for our first users.
  2. To attract first 200 NEAR users to our community from the other NEAR DAOs
  3. To attract 50 fashion designers to the platform.
  4. To attract NEW users for the NEAR Fashion Community.
  5. To create Fashion DAO strategy

Project members:

Olga Gi

Vlada Vaynberg

Alex Darkwing.

Monthly & Milestone-based Marketing breakdown:

1750 USD Artwork

500 USD Copyright
Engagement texts for Social posts / networks
Articles for Medium
Articles for Linkedin

1000 USD Content creation
Content design
Pictures, Garment 3D models animation, editing for social media
Collection of ideas for reels
Editing Reels, videos

200 USD Discord administration

200 USD Twitter administration
Likes, Comments, Posts
Performance in spaces in Twitter (min. 1 time per week)

200 USD Instagram administration
Likes, Comments, Posts

200 USD Telegram administration

300 USD paid publications in

Total June marketing budget is USD 4350

Total requested amount in USD 2000
NEAR Wallet olgagi.near

Our previous successful proposal with all the reports

link for similar projects
[Proposal] June 2022 Marketing strategy to Expand Dao community

We are open to any questions and we will be excited to know your feedback.

Thank you @marketingdao-council

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Can you please clarify with more detail:
1750 USD Artwork - What is the artwor referring to?

500 USD Copyright - How many posts and articles?

1000 USD Content Creation - is this related to artwork? How does it differ from the other items?


sure, Klint.

Objects creation (including 3D), render, animation.
So there are initial files for the content creation.

Content creation.

  1. A content strategy includes everything from brand and tone to how we will promote our content and eventually repurpose it.
  2. Content plan for the month
  3. Social media posts: all the visuals + texts
    Reels / videos, pictures, texts, calls to action, descriptions and so on.

3 articles for Medium & Linkedin
At least 10 engagement texts / posts for different user groups:

  1. NEAR community
  2. Crypto community
  3. Fashion designers
  4. Investors & partners
  5. End users
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Good morning. Your project looks intresting for me. Happy to support.

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thanks Dasha!
our team is happy to do our best *)

Hi Olgagi,

Thanks for your proposal. I’ve taken a lot of time to go through all the resources you’ve provided and trying to understand the scope and potential of the project.

I’ll start by saying that the market conditions are tough as we must ask ‘How does this initiative get us closer to 1 billion users?’ of all projects.

I also note that you may be in the process of applying for a larger grant directly from the NF Grants team.

I’d like to invite you to revise some of the amounts requested;

  • Last post on Twitter was May 30 (the artwork looks super cool, you’ve been able to build a nice audience there)
  • Telegram with only 18 people
  • Discord with less than 20 ppl
  • I’m also thinking that perhaps some of the artwork could fall under Creatives DAO, hoping that perhaps we can start with a smaller sum.

I’d like to invite my colleagues to give their thoughts @marketingdao-council

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Can you please clarify how many Social Media posts and pictures would come out to?

Hi Klint,
thanks for your question.
We post our unique pictures and content, so the general number of posts might be more than 200. About 20-30 pics.

Hi Satojandro,
Thanks for your detailed feedback. I really appreciate your time and attention payed to our project.

We are totally aware about the market conditions, thats why we DO include REAL artefacts such as real clothes and accessories to our platform and business processes. As when the NFT asset is be supported by something real, it is more valuable.
We also use NFT and Blockchain technology not because of the up and down hype around it, but because of its initial meaning and purpose- to have a decentralized governance of the infrastructure we are building up for the fashion industry.
We are not just a one more project that gives WOW effect to the audience, sells tokens and goes away. We’ve been working on our concept years and yes we may look a bit slow in Social media, because we do not want to confuse the audience with things that will never happen.
We post real things that we really do.
Our goal is to build up infrastructure and bridges that will be used by millions of real people.

Hi @Olgagi – Thanks for your proposal. I came to the Marketing DAO council with a 15+ year background in fashion and media, so I am particularly interested in what you are aiming to do here. Fashion is one of the most accessible industries onboarding new people (the masses) into Web3 via NFTs, gaming, metaverse experiments and other initiatives. I see the value in creating a fashion community in the NEAR ecosystem. I can be of help to you onboarding designers if that is of interest in the future.

In terms of approving this, one issue with the proposal is that the Marketing DAO exists to fund marketing activities and this is asking for a combination of Marketing and Creative (ie artwork). I would recommend revising this and asking the Marketing DAO only for funding to cover the production of marketing materials and activities, not the artwork. In my view, that is something more appropriate for the Creatives DAO.

Can you consider revising the proposal accordingly? If so, I am optimistic you will have enough support for approval.

Hi @so608 Thanks for your support! We’d love to be guided & supported by you. I’ll pm you.

Regarding budget here is the total revised marketing sum - 2600 USD
500 USD Copyright
1000 USD Content creation
200 USD Discord administration
200 USD Twitter administration
200 USD Instagram administration
Likes, Comments, Posts
200 USD Telegram administration
300 USD paid publications

My question is what amount in the end can we request from the Marketing DAO?
We still are paying our team and will be glad to be supported.

NEAR Wallet olgagi.near