On-chain discovery service

There are many things that must be discovered right now via social channels (usually documentation) which are not managed by protocol itself.

For example:

  • RPC endpoints
  • Relayer nodes
  • Off-chain storage nodes?
  • Off-chain workers?

The idea is to have an on chain registry of the nodes, with some respected meta data and some form of reputation.

Each record must have data:

  • Interface (protocol) of the node: RPC, meta-tx relayer, etc
  • Address of the end point, ideally protocols all should have key/certificates for e2e encryption (e.g. using HTTPS or other encrypted protocol)
  • Any extra meta data fields (or may be link to off-chain storage)

The questions are how to maintain the reputation of the nodes? What is node is offline or doesn’t relay / do their work?

The simplest is to leverage TCR pattern (Token Curated Registry pattern).

The missing piece here is the feedback from users of these nodes that can address if node went of reservation.
Better if all these activities were paid themself directly, in such form the on-chain activity and payments would be transparent.

For example relayer is actually registers on chain by sending transactions. If they don’t show up - their reputation can be decreased. That said selective censorship of relayer is hard to proof.

RPC nodes can be charging monthly subscription fee? This way, if people are unsubscribing, it might show that people are not satisfied? Any more immediate reaction might require some type of off-chain social alignment.

How can we improve discovery and especially monitoring of the nodes that are not doing their work or censoring?