NxM Guild Leader Request

Hey all! So happy to be seeing the Music Guild growing at such a good pace. I wanted to request funds for the work put in to build out the guild to what it is now, including the following elements:

  • Core NxM Community Management
  • Telegram set up and moderation (Telegram Web)
  • Community Call lead organizer & host (x2)
  • Set up Odysee for video resources (NxM Guild Resources)
  • NEAR name gifting and onboarding
  • NxM DAO set up (coming to Sputnik shortly: SputnikDAO)
  • Facilitating Discord server set up (https://discord.gg/ZD5RC2gCkk)
  • DJ for NxM Live event

Timeline - 15 March to 15 April 2021
For - vandal.near
Amount - 300 N


Thanks, @vandal for the submission. The work you have been doing while leading the NxM (Music guild at NEAR) is greatly appreciated. Looking forward to all of the amazing events and activities coming soon from NxM!

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Pardon the late reply! Diving in to the next stages of the guild and getting ready for the DAO hack!!!

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