Nxm DAO Management - September 2022

This payout request is for the management of the NxM DAO for September 2022.

Hey y’all, NxM Members and Councils, sorry for the delay in September. please find the Update for the DAO Below.

Important Update

  • September was a month of Fun and Joy with NxM DAO, Where our Council members @williamx & @rhymetaylor attended NearCon and represented NXM.

  • NxM CoHosted NEARDAO Haus Nearcon Side Event, Where @rhymetaylor Performed.

  • NxM Successfully Funded 1 Event and 2 Projects for September.

  • we are still Building our own Near hub Spaces for NxM.

  • Due to Recent Changes in Funding Community from NF & Creatives DAO, we have decided to pause our grants for the month of September.

NxM Guides for Project/Event

There are no changes in the NxM Grant Guides. it remains the same from previous months.

In Social Media, I appreciate @Sleezy_Moss @AugustKinge & @Sammiee from the Social Media Team taking care of All the Social by Keeping the Community Engaged and Active. Even without the funding, All 3 have accepted to work for the month of October. Cudos to our Social media Team

Request - $1300

$400 - Monish016.near
$400 - williamxx.near
$400 - rhymetaylor.near
$100 - bonepoliceofficial.near

Thank you