NPKGUILD(Nearprotocol Nigeria)

Looking at the progress made by the guild in trying to educate the populace of Nigeria have decided to participate in the Hack Node event and have written a well detailed proposal which contains introduction, goals and cost for the proposed event. The full details are contained in the doc below


Hey, this proposal is great! I appreciate how you clearly stated the objectives and key results, along with a detailed budget. To cover any expenses listed in that document, you are more than welcome to submit a payout proposal to the Community Squad DAO.

Just be sure to make the target your DAO address (example.sputnikdao.near), and include a link to this forum thread in your proposal.

How To Submit a Proposal

Coordinate with the Hackathon Guild

Led by @theChosenOne and @pransh:


Hey @damboy22,
Your proposal looks good. Can you please schedule a call with us(Hackathon Guild) so we can understand how we can help you host a great event: Calendly - Pratik Parmar


A detailed summary on the conclusion of KANO|HACKNODE can be viewed via this link

I forgot to continue this trend but made main topics but everything is available in the link above with projects done by attendees and the rest