[November 2021] The Design Guild project opportunity: help us with promo

Hi Sandboxers,

We are jumping in with the second part of our collaboration with the Design Guild.

This time we want to invite you to show your creativity :star_struck:
Our task is to proceed with banners and infographics about the Design Guild.

  • Read carefully the guidelines and make sure that your visuals will bring value to the community and will help to promote the Guild OWS Quality Control Guidelines

  • Make and post memes or infographics about the Design guild. You can find the inspiration on their website:

  • The reward is the same as for visuals from the list of rolling opportunities + 20% bonus

  • Deadline for submissions 15th December

Do you have any questions or feedback? Don’t hesitate to contact me :fire:


I can participate? :smiley:

Hey hey, sure, you can :))

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