NFT-MarketPlace “Real-Things”(Redeemable)

NFT-MarketPlace “Real-Things”(Redeemable)

We are talking about marketplace, where everyone could participate by offering their services or products. and the buyer could pay directly with their NEAR wallet.

The NFTs could act like coupons and be redeemable for physical assets from participating retailers.


creation of a market for goods and services of local craftsmen

user would just login to our MarketPlace, search for what they are looking for, see which NFTs are available for those produces, buy NFT\product they want. And then details to contact the retailer could be in the NFT data.


  1. Put price in local currency .
    to avoid losses due to exchange rate volatility. The seller indicates the price in his usual local currency - And the marketplace automatically adjusts the price in Near.

  2. search by tags.

    Type of goods: #sweets #fish #fruits

    Location: #my_village #my_town

  3. History for every profile.
    in the profile of each person, you can see his transaction history. to know who you are dealing with…

  4. First - test.
    We need to check new partners. Thats why first Redeemable NFT from new partner should try and test by our team members.


Hey there, this looks like a project that can easily be built on mintbase.
You should post this under the mintbase category :slight_smile:

please, could you guide about category and tags that has to be for this project
is it creatives?
thank you

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put it in the creatives mintbase category :slight_smile: you need help? hmu on telegram mariamintbase