NF payments wallet

Good evening. During reviewing Near Italia proposal in Marketing DAO have found this wallet @nf-payments.near

Probably, I would be don’t care about it, but I found there are payments for some guild members and moderators.

Is anybody know what is the wallet and why these payments have never been reported here? What the DAO approved payments? What kind of work these guys did and where are their reports?

Just for last 3 days .

@FritzWorm 150N
@simeon4real 300N
@stanisnear 500N
@Kv9990 300N

@Grace @erik.near @jlwaugh @David_NEAR



Hello Dacha ! As always, feel lot of respect for you. :white_check_mark:

Here the reason for the 150N on my part →

Last 30 days working as a MOD:

First 10 days: [Report] Immersion Week as NEAR Community Moderator [FritzWagner#6722]
Second 10 days: [Report] Immersion Week as NEAR Community Moderator [FritzWagner#6722] - #12 by FritzWorm
Third 10 days: [Report] Immersion Week as NEAR Community Moderator [FritzWagner#6722] - #15 by FritzWorm

Thanks for caring, good night.


Thank You. I thought discord moderators do their work for free.

How did you find this opportunity?

Guys, who is keep this wallet, please do monthly public reports (visible information, like payments for community moderators). Thanks


NEAR Community Concierge program is overseen by @jcatnear (who is doing a wonderful job), and our mods are hired to provide support in official NEAR channels. You are welcome to apply!

That nf-finance.near account is already transparent (on the blockchain). Maybe NEAR Foundation will consider sharing public reports on a monthly and / or quarterly basis next year.


hope to see the financial audit report of the NEAR Foundation in the past year


Thank You, but community members don’t understand what king of work these and other guys did.

I propose create a DAO for payments for our moderators.

Best name for DAO:

  • True Believers DAO
  • Equal opportunities DAO

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Hi guys,

I know this is an old thread but it relates to payments made by this wallet “nf-payments.near”

Is there anywhere where the nature of these payments can be crosschecked/verified?


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Great question! It would be great in terms of transparency!

I’ve come across a significant transaction that went to a project that never launched and tbh I don’t think was ever known around the ecosystem, certainly not for the amount that was transferred, that now is linked to a current project.

How do I go about raising this question or finding more information about why that money was transferred to that project and why it failed?

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