NEAR Wiki Development Plan - Feedback Requested!

Yeah nice. I helped build this many moons ago - not suitable for the Wiki but you can see where I’d like to take learn content more broadly.


That is absolute :fire: - thanks for sharing!

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I was one of the supporters of Gitbook and their upgrade has been an embarrassing mess. In full support of the Docusaurus migration! Thank you for all the hard work.


makes perfect sense, @shreyas – this is actually a free tier of the basic search service provided by Algolia for all open source projects iirc.

they even send you a weekly report on search terms found / not found as per this screenshot – we get this for


That’s ace! Will definitely serve to shape what content is needed, too - as Shreyas mentioned :ballot_box_with_check:

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This is great news! The more knowledge and experience a user can find in one place the easier it is to understand and come to the ecosystem! Later when it takes shape, we will be able to offer a couple of ideas for the Wiki. Another question. Will the key people of this forum be added to the WIKI with a description of their area of responsibility?

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Appreciate the feedback!

I don’t think this would suit the Wiki, perhaps a thread in the forum? I think we should encourage people to keep their bios updated in the Forum, too :100:

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This is true for people with a certain level of knowledge about the ecosystem and about the forum. But there are even more people who go to the forum through the website and wiki. I will add, that such information on the forum is scattered in many corners and in order to collect the whole picture, people spend a lot of precious time. This is especially true for entrepreneurs - none of them will spend a lot of time on the forum, instead of finding everything in one place on the site. Please consider this possibility.

As for the forum thread this is also a great idea there are similar topics but they are not complete and it is difficult to search for them. In this case it can also be very useful especially if you somehow highlight it with a design or a hook. Quick and easy access to basic information on the way of different people is an important aspect. And the path is different for each category of users.

In this way it will help to reduce the barriers to entry into the ecosystem (I am investigating this issue).

I find it difficult to justify a list of key people in the forum to the Wiki for the following:

  • The two are separate
  • It would be more suited to a forum post (which could be linked in the Forum Guidelines?)
  • It’s not evergreen and would require a not insignificant amount of effort to maintain (what do we do when individuals leave, change roles, etc?)

This is a conclusion which we’ve validated through the Governance Forum Revamp Plan

Particularly the survey which we’ve just finished synthesising data from

We’re ideating on solutions and will open up our plans to the community asap.


That’s right, these are good arguments. And if it can improve the experience then it makes sense to address such issues.

Here will need figures and statistics to understand how things are with this. For example, how people come to the forum, what percentage of newcomers reads the rules, and so on. And based on these data, you can choose a place for this on the path of a newly arrived participant.

Thanks for clearing things up.

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Music to my ears friend, thanks for the feedback! :muscle:

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I think we are ready to move forward with switching the domain over to the Docusaurus version. Check progress: Hello from NEARverse Portal | NEARverse Portal

This will hopefully engage more contributors to the wiki, docs, and ecosystem map repositories. Also, I’m personally interested in revamping the Community repository.

Note on accessibility, compared to GitBook: helping contributors learn how to use GitHub is valuable for NEAR as an ecosystem.

For a quick walkthrough, feel free to grab time on my calendar here. GitHub provides great documentation as well. Part of the goal is to improve onboarding, so contributors will have more opportunities to get involved and create a positive impact.

I’m coordinating with @damian and @josh to figure out how this needs to be hosted and maintained going forward. Currently using GitHub pages.

Decisions / Actions

  • migrate all content
  • use Render for hosting
  • DNS updates

Next Steps

Phase 1 Complete: User Personas Defined

Phase 2: November 22 - December 17

  • landing page design
  • content development
  • user journeys completed
  • NEARverse guild organization
  • other suggestions?

New Consideration

Also, thanks to @evgenykuzyakov, we now have built on NEAR. I’m also going to start moving some content over there, and I encourage others to do the same. Let’s find out if it can be useful to make changes associated with our NEAR accounts.

The main concern with a full commitment to that solution (embracing the on-chain approach) is the risk of bad user experiences involving undesirable content. I’ve reached out to the maintainer of that wiki app, and until we know otherwise, editing rogue content would be our best strategy for moderation.

Open Discussion

Please reply with any feedback!

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Howdy team,

Quick update on the future of the NEAR Wiki.

We’re aware that many of the NF team, and the Community, have been making changes to the NEAR Wiki through Gitbook - which is awesome to see!

Currently, the NEAR Wiki is in a disorganised state. We’re seeing an increase in the amount of content being created to publish there, but there’s still a certain amount of disarray when it comes to the organisation of it.

To keep people up to date, the next steps are as follows:

  • Tomorrow (2/12)- Reorganise the Wiki into categories and subcategories with the aim of making it easy to navigate and find the information you’re looking for
  • This week - Synch with James on the migration to Docusaurus. Once the Wiki is aligned on Gitbook, migrating to Docusaurus is straightforward.


Before merging the reorgonisation of the forum and pushing it live, we’ll be opening it up for Community feedback (as always! :tada:).

So there’s no surprises, this is a high-level overview of what we’ll be looking to achieve:

We’ll be building something as concise and easy to understand as this, but expect it to be a little more granular and geared towards the NEAR Ecosystem.

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What’s the update here?

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This is the latest update:

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NEAR wiki is an excellent way to onboard people and help them inside the NEAR ecosystem.

I think it would be good to translate that, and I would like to propose the NEAR Venezuela guild start gathering a team who can pull that off soon.

What do you think guys? @FritzWorm @LuisAponte99 @Nicolasp2 @Alecaseg

Maybe we can start with Spanish and French.


Not just translating from EN → ES

Also, uploading the content previously created within the Hispanic community, that @Nicolasp2 just send me a spreadsheet with the content organized.

Organized on levels, easing the onboarding:

  1. newcomers with 0 knowledge about crypto
  2. crypto enthusiasts
  3. crypto experts

Sure. Ready I am ready to begin.

EN to FR


Count with us. I support any initiative to onboard new users to NEAR and become part of the community

I’ll remain available for it.


Hey gang!

Focus is on content atm, then we can look to localisation through translation in the future.

However, I believe Gitbook, and Docusaurus, have auto translation built in so it may not be necessary.

Keep an eye for a thread re: NEAR Wiki today :tada:

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