NEAR, Europe-Africa Blockchain Dev Call Participation

What is Europe-Africa Blockchain Developer’s Call (E-ABDC)?

Europe-Africa Blockchain Developer’s Call was launched to fill the existing void, providing a straight gateway to the much needed “Digital Transformation” in Africa and Digital Jobs creation as marked by the Europe Africa Partnership and agenda of the African Union. By 2065. It’s powered with existing partnership with African Universities, Tech Hubs, Tech Association, Institutions among others towards achieving the goal of multiplying the existing decentralized digital solution startups.

Event and Bootcamp is strictly virtual, with real local participation and team bonding at partner hubs across several countries. Developers and applicants will be trained on different curriculums such as; Blockchain basics, Blockchain for Lawyers and Entrepreneurs, Blockchain for Developers focused on Four (4) different Blockchain Platforms. Dev trainees will then team up, develop projects and pitch in the final months and launch into the market as startup.

With E-ABDC (ABDC Series II), we are embarking on a mission to develop the next level of blockchain developers, startups (solid team) and solutions across Africa and Europe with real-life and demanded applications. It is a two fold program comprising a 3-month week days bootcamp and 12 weekends of blockchain events featuring several experts in the space. We want you to have a piece of it.

E-ABDC program process in summary:

  • Opening platform ( for registration.
  • Screening and selection in joint collaboration with the partners and hubs.
  • Commence blockchain education and developer’s training and weekend events. (Month 1)
  • Ideation, Mentoring, Team Building and Bonding with continuous training and events (Month 2)
  • Incubation, Acceleration, Project development with Partial training and events (Month 3)
  • Conclusion, Pitch and Startup launch.


Date has been adjusted to allow adequate participation. Event runs for 3 months basics, with additional one month for pre and post preparations.

Registration: 26th of July

Open Day Conference: 7th of August

Registration closes: 9th of August

Bootcamp begins 9th of August.

Bootcamp ends: 9th of November

Pitch Days: 11th, 12th and 13th, November.

Supporting documents: E-ABDC supporting documents - Google Drive

Existing Partners:

  • Africa Blockchain Institute
  • Coin News Extra
  • Decentralize Africa
  • Mauritius Fintech Hub.
  • Fintech Nigeria Association
  • Ellipsis Digital Hub, Tanzania
  • Ennovate Hub, Tanzania
  • Pesabase, Kenya etc.

General Expectations:

  • 400 trained African developers
  • 30 different blockchain startups from the bootcamp
  • Over 1000 weekend attendees/audiences.
  • +10k newly formed blockchain community on Telegram, Newsletter, Emails and others.

Value Proposition for NEAR:

  • We will develop a pan-African community of enthusiasts and developers for Near to be activated in the 2nd month of the event.
  • Minimum of 7-10 solutions will be deployed for real life application on Near with an existing community on it.
  • From the deployed solutions, at least three (3) fully funded startups are expected to launch from provided grants, while they would all be open for VC funding during “The Pitch.”
  • Speaker’s slot, platform presentation and dialogue with the stakeholders in the public and private sectors.
  • Platform being boldly represented in the post event reports, to be shared with all the contacts and attendees.
  • Logo being present in subsequent Newsletters for continuous marketing and publicity etc.

Fund requirement: 76,500 USD in Token


Program Gold Sponsorship (Discounted): 25,000

5000 USD Startup grant for 10 Best startups on Near: 50,000 (Subject to reduction)

Training Facilitator (500 monthly): 1500

Total: 76,500

Payment Milestone:

  • Milestone one (To be paid before commencement): 26,500 USD Program sponsorship
  • Milestone II (To be paid in the 3rd month of event) 50, 000 USD.

Contact Information:

Team Leads:

Adedayo Adebajo (CEO, Co-Founder): Managing Director Jelurida Africa;

**adedayo@abdcseries (dot) com **

Roselyne Wanjiru (Co-Founder): Director, Growth and User Acquisition Pesabase

roselynewnjr@gmail (dot) com

Kayode Babarinde (Co-Founder): Executive Director, Africa Blockchain Institute:

kayode@africablockchain (dot) institute

General Enquiries: [info@abdcseries (dot) com]

website: www (dot) abdcseries (dot) com

Community Council Poll
  • Yes
  • No
  • Abstain

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Open Community Poll (min trust_level_1 required)
  • Yes
  • No
  • Abstain

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Voting and quorum thresholds:

<2K$ - 1X Yes - no minimum quorum (* quorum defined as min number of members needed for the vote to be valid)
2-10K$ - 2X Yes - no min quorum
10-30K$ - 3X Yes - min quorum 4 of 7 - 4X members should vote in either direction
Above 30K$ requires Erik or Illia’s additional approval (Head of NF/Chairman of NFC)
Above 100K$ requires NEAR Foundation Council approval

Hi Adedayo,

Thanks so much for putting this together. I’ve added a voting widget for the community council to vote. :slight_smile:

Couple of questions,

Can you share more details on the other platforms? Are these Layer 1 protocols?

This sounds great. Would these have community managers across Africa to engage and build the community?

To clarify, we’re looking at 7-10 solutions deployed on mainnet with actual usage from the community?

I’d vote for this to be something that we can evaluate and deploy once we have a sense of what people are building. We can always say startup and funding grants upto 20k or 30k and then take a call based on the quality of these projects.

We’d like to ensure that there’s a way to assess the skills of the trainer. So just to confirm, the entire training of the cohort will be handled by this trainer and they would undergo NCD, right?

My vote would be to lower the total to 40-50k [25k sponsorship + 1.5k devrel trainer + remaining as TBD startup grants]

What do you think, @ABDCseries ?

  1. Our target are all Layer 1 protocols but not All. We have platforms like Ethereum and Ardor on the list.

  2. The main mod for the communities will be the selected trainer, and then other mods can be selected from the community after the completion of the program, expected to be the team leads on the deployed projects.

  3. Yes, but solutions aren’t expected to be fully deployed in the last month of the bootcamp. With further assistance and mentorship, the solutions will be fully ready after the “Pitch” Further encouragement to get them to usable level is subject to the grants (a major incentive)

  4. Sounds like a great plan. The figures will get the devs motivated.

  5. That’s a yes. Once the terms have been finalized, the train the trainers will commence and the trainer that successfully scale through the process will be selected.

  6. In support, announcement of 25k startup grants would go a long way to motivate developers.

Hi Adedayo and team,

Thank you for submitting this proposal! We are definitely interested in supporting your bootcamp. However, I’d like to understand what Gold Sponsorship entails. Can you share more info regarding benefits of that package?

Also, I’m curious to learn which other platforms are involved.

I agree that we should evaluate startup grants on a case-by-case basis. We could say up to $30,000 available ~ would be ideal to get a detailed proposal from each project.

Overall, seems like a great opportunity, and our team is excited to potentially collaborate!

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Thank you for your interest and question.
The benefits of the Gold sponsorship are as follows:

  1. One panelist slot at any of the panel sessions.
  2. Logo placement in all media materials and press releases.
  3. 2 speaking slots at weekend conferences.
  4. Ad publication on the event’s YouTube channel.
  5. Announcement as one of the sponsors of the event.
  6. Half page dedicated advert in the event’s exhibition brochure which will be made available on the website and sent to all subscribers.
  7. An opportunity to have a few minutes session with stakeholders.

At this stage, I can confirm Ardor blockchain and Codex on HTML as platforms that will also be used by devs during the bootcamps. Also, the date has been adjusted to July 26th to enable a proper planning and carrying along of our European partners.