NEAR + Ceramic: Sputnik DAO Bounty

NEAR + Ceramic: Sputnik DAO Bounty

We are so excited to partner with Ceramic Network! Developers building on NEAR Protocol have powerful ways to manage user identities and dynamic off-chain data in their applications. Ceramic, the decentralized network for data stream processing, now supports NEAR wallets!

Ceramic Network provides advanced database-like features such as mutability, version control, access control, and programmable logic. Also, it is the foundation for IDX, the first cross-chain identity model for the open web.

Hackathon Bounty

To participate in this uniquely open hackathon, we created a Sputnik DAO for managing bounties that involve both NEAR and Ceramic or IDX. Your project could start now, during this Open Web Hackathon, or it may continue after June 6. Feel free to submit proposals any time! We’d appreciate you replying here with any ideas or questions.

View proposals here: SputnikDAO

Submit a proposal to the DAO in order to receive payment for completing the bounty. Be sure to communicate with the council members:

  • dazuck.near
  • stickykeys.near
  • oedth.near


Looking for someone to build IDX profiles for the v1 Sputnik DAO platform and / or interacting with the v2 Sputnik DAO contract. This would enable users to associate more information with NEAR identities, for example to store profiles, social account links, or other metadata associated with the account.

All data is stored on Ceramic Network, a decentralized network for verifiable information.


We are requesting 333 NEAR from the Genesis Sputnik DAO, which has the stated purpose to develop Sputnik DAO and support growth of DAO networks.



^ built using a Vue plugin for NEAR JavaScript API

near-api-js recipe book:

Sputnik DAO GitHub:

VueJS not required ~ if you prefer other JavaScript libraries / frameworks, it’s all good!

Don’t hesitate to reply with any ideas or questions ~ let’s collaborate :sparkles:


This is awesome/nice to see video of NEAR Personas in the blog post :slight_smile:

In my opinion, Ceramic holds a lot of promise that can complement what is happening on chain with some rich data to make things really useful/interesting without compromising open web principles. Because of that, I’ve been integrating Ceramic into most of what I’ve been working on. Near Personas is actually part of Catalyst and ultimately the aim was to provide a place where someone can manage whatever personas they want to create to interact with things like Sputnik DAOs - all in one place and under their control.

To that end, this morning actually, I published a npm package - @aluhning/get-personas-js that will let any application pull in a persona that is being managed on NEAR Personas or on Catalyst. Right now it just pulls data in, but will be considering how best to enable apps to manage Personas from within their apps as well.

Keep in mind the Personas/Catalyst apps are still in development/running on Testnet (as is Ceramic on its own testnet), so need to deploy things to mainnet before they are going to be useful in things like Sputnik - but that is coming very soon.

Will be submitting a proposal for this in short order - love that NEAR/Ceramic are collaborating. Well done.

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