NDC Community Engagement Working Documents v2 -> v2.1

I see, so let’s tag @blaze here and have him share because it’s not my Google Doc and so I don’t have that privilege.

Hope what I emailed back was helpful @mecsbecs – let me know if you want me in a call or support in other ways!

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To bring clarity, I reached out to both Chloe and Rebecca to help bring their collective NEAR community expertise to reviewing these documents. It’s the first form of expert review, with additional reviews likely. Here is the link to the drive that is publicly accessible for community guidlines:



@IgbozeIsrael and I also commented in Conflict Resolution which is in this stack of docs.

I commented in Comms Tools (happy to help more there), and Code of Conduct.


I would welcome your contribution to this process in an even more constructive way. Being a watchdog of the process is certainly a role, but these individuals are contributing, not applying for a specific role. What expertise can you offer to help meet the communities goals and the NDC initiative?

Any community member can contribute to this process, and I am reaching out to many with deep ecosystem experience regardless of affiliations.


I got some notifications on the draft docs I submitted earlier. I did not reply further because a more refined draft was put on the forum here after @mecsbecs, @Monish016, and @chloe and I had a call.

The earlier draft was put together by @Dabbie3229 and I.

We are all expecting the community to make comments and contributions on this very docs as the former is improved on.

Hope you understand now…



Hello @IgbozeIsrael this was my own draft I couldn’t put it in the docs so I had to post it direct on forum over here

So this is my own draft


Thanks for sharing bro. We’ll synchronise to add every comment up in a final draft


@Tistu have a look. <3


some people confuse being able to point fingers with helping a community grow :confused:

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very interesting!! it could be a plot for a new tv-series

Hello @Psalmy @johanga @pathfinder @sarahkornfeld @Dabbie3229 @mecsbecs @chloe @Monish016 can we hop on a call this week to put more ideas together?
Tomorrow will be good. 12 pm UTC +1

Give feedback here please.


Thank you team for putting this together and sharing with us! The community is really needing more guidelines and orientation. Forum is losing the healthy environment that we’ve experienced before and I’m sorry to read such agressive replies specially knowing all the effort and love you guys always put in here @mecsbecs @chloe
looking fwd for the NDC developments :slight_smile:


It’s fine by me hope others will respond to it

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@JulianaM @Dabbie3229 @johanga @Psalmy @pathfinder


This is by 4 pm UTC +1 tomorrow. Same time we have NDC general call.

Let’s all put our personal ideas together and prepare for the call


Ok sure! Fine by me….
Would try to meet up

Which time are we to consider rn

This :arrow_up: or this :point_down:

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The 12 pm was a suggestion and we had to set the call on same time the NDC general call takes place

I am all in! Thank you for including me.


I don’t quite understand the meaning of this call. What to talk about? I think all forum participants should see the reports. Tweet me for earlier @starboy2543. In this discussion, the facts were provided, there was no clear answer. We asked Illia and Marie to sort it out, there’s nothing more we can do.
Thx :relieved:

I don’t understand what you mean here but the essence of the call is to rack heads up and come up with a final draft of NDC CE working group document.