My Immersion experience as community moderator

Hello everyone in Near Community, I’m Jerome.
It’s been a great privilege this past one week to be working at Near Protocol as a Community Moderator.

Prior to working for NEAR PROTOCOL as a community moderator, I’ve manage couple of social media pages, hosted classes with my fellow students teaching Python Programming, Crypto currency and it’s exchange together with it’s ecosystem, tutoring Physics, student’s campaign for educational outreach.

Before giving the privilege to handle some of the social media platforms for NEAR PROTOCOL, I was among those who JC Pacion and the rest of the Team set up a meeting with on Nov. 4th 2021 2:30-4:00 pm (WAT). At the meeting, we were giving Instructions on how to be good moderators, handle some problems that we may face while trying to manage a space containing thousands of people; and I can say it was helpful.
With that idea, I was able to handle some of the social media platforms and these are some of the jobs I did as a moderator for NEAR PROTOCOL during my one week immersion.

• I spent more time on Telegram (because I’m more conversant with it). There, I was able to answer some questions concerning NEAR PROTOCOL and their ECOSYSTEM. also how to create NEAR wallet for starters.

• I watched some tutorials prior to the immersion on how to use the Discord App, so it was a little more easier for me while I was acting as a moderator. I helped some new members having issues with swapping their NEAR TOKENS to other stable coins. I also help another new member having difficulty connecting METAMASK with AURORA.

•Also, I referred another member to the technical department of the discord channel, when their wallet wasn’t receiving NEAR TOKENS, and it was sorted out.

• On Discord, a member asked about NEAR WHITE PAPER, and I was able to provide solutions about that, also referring the member to the Near site to know more.

• Also, promoted Near Protocol within my University environment, Informing my lecturers and my colleagues (fellow students) about the ecosystem. They also created wallets and are ready to be involved in crypto currency

• I also went to the computer science department of my school to introduce Near Protocol to them, and the software engineering students were willing to improve their skills in terms of becoming a good developer and to work with near.
Basically, my offline activities were approximately closer to my online activities :heart_decoration:.

Special thanks to @Kv9990 for giving me more information about any issue I have, I really appreciate it.
Also, I appreciate my interviewer @Benz_Near @jcatnear for this beautiful opportunity given to me, it’s a great pleasure.

I hope to be within the Near Community soon :white_heart::white_heart:
Thanks for the opportunity.:heart_decoration::heart_decoration:


Great one mate!
Seeing your efforts in the communities.

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Thank you for sharing your experience, Jerome! This is really valuable. We’re looking for community moderators at Sankore ourselves! Our TG members have nearly quadrupled in less than 48hrs due to our Kenya Crypto Tour. So if you know anyone who is as dynamic or eager to learn as yourself. Send them our way!

Thank you!
Keep grinding as you do!


Let’s chat via telegram
@jeromemrys1… message me… let’s talk. Thanks for the comments :white_heart:

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