Music video project: Rebelwise - Warrior Vow

Rebelwise introuduction

Warrior Vow music video* Project Description**
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Warrior Vow listening link
This is a song featuring 3 MCs / lyricists: @Ashelseasunz Mic Crenshaw and Quincy Davis of Rebelwise: Linktree.

We intend for this project to honor the warrior inside all of us and provide motivation to stay strong in the face of adversity.

The visuals of this music video will especially highlight the power of physical and spiritual discipline, showcasing each artist / performer engaging in their spiritual / martial arts practice. This is an example of flipping the script on urban music stereotypes, and offering dope music with sustenance to our communities, in a way that can reach the younger generation.

Quincy’s lyrics speak to seeking authenticity amidst illusion, overcoming struggle and honoring your souls true path.

“I just wanna break out of the system we’re livin’ that conditions the prison inside
I just believe in the healing of sickness and freedom for all of my tribe"

The idea of cultivation of inner-power, rather than power over others is exemplified in AshEL SeaSunZ’s lyrics:

“Look, I don’t even battle no more, Sun Tzu moving in chapel next door.
Next to the dojo, next to garden, sleep in studio to wake up the artist”

Mic Crenshaw’s lyrics shine light on the value of inner-personal transformation through self-mastery and the power of music as the universal language:

“Gifted existence transcending this plain
Infinite wisdom infused and ingrained
From the feet in your shoes to molecules in your brain
Feelin confused let the music explain.”

We are excited to complete this music video, to share, engage and collaborate with the Near community, and continue forward with our release goals. Peace and one love :blue_heart: :fire: