Minga DApp Project - Community Guarantee

Project title: Minga DApp - - Community Guarantee

One-liner: Development of an application that allows community endorsement for the granting of loans or capital for a project or a specific person “MingaDApp”.

Project DAO: NEAR Hispano SputnikDAO

Project Summary:

Minga DApp’s purpose is to allow more people or projects to access a loan through a community guarantee.

Series: Onboarding NEAR Certified Developer Bootcamp participants to Developers in Residence program. NCD Bootcamp ES L1 30-08-2021


Github FintechLab - Minga project: aquí
Figma FintechLab - Minga project: aquí

Project members:

  • Dennis Vivas - @d3nn1svz. - NCD Certified I
  • Julia Gonzales - @juliaigz - NCD Certified I
  • Walquer Valles - @WalquerX - NCD Certified I


Rosa Maria Orellana - @rosamaria - NCD Certified

Objective: For this smart contract / App development the team will use AssemblyScript for the smart contract and React JS for the frontend.

Overview: The name of Minga DApp comes from the collaborative work system of the Inca empire mink’a or minga known in the Peruvian jungle. This application will allow a token guarantee (nears) to be made to a group of people towards a specific project or person. The guarantee will be returned with a profit at the time the loan applicant repays the loan.


Yeah ! Good plan ! :rocket:

Once we onboard nearcomers and we can recognize them as good contributors, there is of course a path we have to show to them in orther to further onboarding into guilds and/or projects ! :white_check_mark:

Full support from me, if I can be helpful :beers:

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