Metaverse Dao looking for lore writers [CLOSED]

September 30th is the deadline


Thank you @SkazOne
Okay. Noted.

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I have a question. Is there any rule about writing samples? any topics or specified topic? Is this sample the same as the official writing?

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the sample doesnt have to be the official writing. we would prefer something related to Voxels metaverse.

can we still join ??

yes, the deadline to submit a writing sample is the 30th

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Okay everybody, today I’m going through a couple more writing samples that were emailed to me, if i have already contacted you then keep up the good work, i have one more spot i need to fill, I will contact said person within a few hours! thanks for all the submissions!

do you own a parcel in voxels?

No, I do not.

Been there a few times for events but I don’t own one.

so you are familiar with the concept and if i assign you a parcel to write lore for, you would be able to do that yes?

I would, yes.

Tell me what elements you’d like featured in this lore and I’ll make it happen.

Ok, so a bit of a change in plans, if you can write 2500 words of lore for basically any parcel you want. pick your favorite. you can build on someone else’s lore if you want here is the wiki page:

but since this bounty has gone a bit tits up, i would need the complete text, a 300 word bio for yourself and a pic to use. and i would need it all today, by 9pm PST. if you can do that email all of the text files to by 9pm PST today and i will be able to include you.

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Oh, bummer :confused:

The timing’s too rushed for me. Not gonna be able to make it in such a short time.

Thanks, though.


I’m still available… although I’ve got no experience with lore writing, I have the versatility to deliver as desired.

This bounty comes from this proposal:

so i saw we got one NFT minted

all the material was supposed to be with markeetox, were all the other requirements fulfilled as far as stories for parcels and near magazine and author bios?

Did markeetox ever mint his NFT?

Also, did we need a third story from me still, I have a story/wearable that we can use, but I would need to type something up for the magazine.

Let me know, I havent really been able to get in contact with anyone.

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Yes, friend @SkazOne. One NFT got minted by Bitpixi. And we would still have to wait for Markeetox and another one, for them to mint. But as you are the manager of the project. You can ask Markeetox, or you can hire someone else to write it. Maybe you can call Tewz? You can also present your work and mint it on our store as one of the writers. We posted a report where this project is on-going, and we are waiting for your partial report now and a final report when u complete the milestone of the project: 3 mints with lore writing from different authors in our Mintbase store.

In fact, we need these 3 mints with stories. 1 can be yours, or you can use only other people. You choose. The important for us is that you complete the milestones. As I said to you on twitter, we cannot pay you for being a writer too, but only as a manager, but you can use mint part of the lore you have been developing (if u want; or write another one) to fulfill the milestones.

In case u do not find any more people to make the lore, you could use 2 stories from you as 2 mints in our store, to complete the milestones. In that case, we would rethink this project as maybe a project in which just you are hired to be official lore writer from metaverse dao instead of manager of the project (in case u want, of course).

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Markeetox should have minted in the store. He has the lore, I imagine that an cover image too. But maybe he is doing many things and is not being able to work on it for now; so he did not mint it. However, we have to close the project as soon as we can (today for example), to be able to make the general report of the DAO as only completed projects. That would be better for next funding proposals, when NEAR returns it. Concerning the magazine, we have it already prepared for this month only with Bitpixi’s writings, but we can keep your to use in the next month magazine, so you would have more time. All these things are good to be in your report.

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yes I will ask Markeetox, if he doesnt respond I will hire someone else.

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@SkazOne, have u solved it, friend?