MDAO Update: Removal of Council Member Taylor

According to the MDAO Charter, MDAO concils decided to remove Council Taylor from his role. Reason: Lack of active participation in AstroDAO voting and regular checking for updates at least once per week. Lack of maintaining regular communication with other Council members, and the community as necessary to achieve the Marketing DAO’s objectives.

According to MDAO Charter, MDAO councils decided to elect a new council and open submissions for the role:

  1. Individuals aspiring to become Council Members must create a proposal on the Governance Forum expressing their interest and providing a detailed explanation of how they meet the eligibility criteria.
  2. The NEAR community is encouraged to provide feedback and show support for Council candidates, fostering a collaborative and inclusive process.
  3. Existing Council Members will assess the incoming proposals, considering the eligibility criteria, community feedback, and any concerns raised.
  4. A decision will be made based on these considerations, and the reasoning for the decision must be communicated clearly to ensure transparency and understanding

Criteria for Eligibility for Council Members

To ensure the effectiveness and success of the Marketing DAO, Council members must meet the following criteria and uphold the standards set forth in their role. Failure to meet these criteria may result in removal from the Council.

  1. Be the Face of Marketing DAO:
  • Inspire trust and confidence in leadership by representing the Marketing DAO with integrity and professionalism, ensuring at all times their actions do not bring the DAO into disrepute.
  1. Spend a Reasonable Amount of Time Within the Ecosystem:
  • Have a deep understanding of the NEAR ecosystem, including knowledge of key players, trends, needs, and opportunities in the blockchain space.
  1. Assess Incoming Proposals:
  • Evaluate and assess incoming proposals in a timely manner, with the first assessment completed within 10 days.
  • Provide detailed reasoning to justify decision-making, ensuring transparency and accountability.
  • Ensure that the decision-making process and outcomes are well-documented and easily understandable to external parties.
  1. Governance:
  • Actively participate in AstroDAO voting and regularly check for updates at least once per week.
  • Maintain regular communication with other Council members, trustees, and the community as necessary to achieve the Marketing DAO’s objectives.
  1. Take Ownership of Everyday Operations:
  • Identify and execute necessary tasks to achieve the Marketing DAO’s objectives, going beyond ideas to successful execution.
  • Examples of tasks may include managing the Marketing DAO website, migrating to NEAR Social, handling social media accounts, hosting regular spaces, and conducting office hours.
  1. Lead Strategic Projects:
  • Demonstrate the ability to think critically, identify problems, and identify areas of opportunity.
  • Create hypotheses and design experiments to address identified problems and opportunities.
  • Proactively establish partnerships and engage with third parties to advance the Marketing DAO’s strategic objectives.
  • Write bounties and define the scope of experiments, including clear objectives and criteria for success.
  1. NDC Engagement:
  • Stay informed and up to date with the latest developments and activities within the NEAR Digital Collective (NDC).
  • Provide regular input and representation of the Marketing DAO’s interests within the NDC.
  • Ensure that the Marketing DAO has a reputable presence and ongoing standing within the NEAR ecosystem.

Council Members:

  1. Council Members form the decision-making body of the Marketing DAO.
  2. They are responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of the DAO and making informed judgments on incoming proposals and strategic initiatives.
  3. Council Members consider the alignment of proposals with the DAO’s objectives and guiding principles, contributing to the overall growth and success of the NEAR ecosystem.
  4. Liaise with Trustees and participate in monthly requests for proposals (RFPs) to advance the Marketing DAO’s goals.

Council members are expected to meet these eligibility criteria and actively contribute to the growth, development, and success of the Marketing DAO. Regular assessment and adherence to these standards ensure the effectiveness of the Council and the achievement of the Marketing DAO’s objectives.

Deadline: November 9th. Please leave your CV in the post.

Election Update:

Hello everyone! After detailed consideration all candidates, MDAO decided to elect @johanga for the Councils role.


Hi Elliot,

I am glad to see the Marketing DAO quoting ad upholding the Eligibility for Council Members as stated on the MDAO Charter. It is important for the community to know that the governance documents are appropriate and can be relied upon to address any irregularities.

I would also like to commend the MDAO Councils on tackling the issue proactively (internally). As someone who has been familiar with the situation for a while I believe that it was only a matter of time before this got escalated by community to Transparency Commission to be dealt with under the Incompetence (Non-Performance Guidelines).

Finally, I also want to send a general message to all elected members (past, present, and future): thank you for your services and commitment to NEAR. These roles are not meant to be lifetime engagements. It is a privilege to hold public office, give it your best or step down gracefully. We need all hands on deck - a new era is NEAR!

Two suggestions:

  1. Change the title of post to more easily identify: “MDAO Update: Removal of Council Member Taylor”;
  2. Promote one or both of the current advisors (Bakaka has been very active with proposal assessments, Jared has been very active crafting ecosystem wide marketing initiatives);
  3. Call for proposals for Advisors instead (three day timeline for submissions is way too short for new people, specially during NEARCON).

Much love,



Thanks @Dacha Below is my interest post, i will share my resume to your mail


Hello NEAR Community and Marketing DAO Members,

Wax here, the founder of the Chill&Shill community and educational platform within our vibrant NEAR ecosystem. After contributing extensively to the growth and education within NEAR, I am excited to present my candidacy for the council position of the Marketing DAO. I am also open to an advisor position in the event where one of the advisors is promoted to the council role and advisor role opens up as a result.

What I Bring to the Table:

  • Ecosystem Expertise: Expert in effectively managing communications and between different stakeholders in the NEAR Ecosystem. My extensive involvement in the NEAR ecosystem equips me with the insights to make informed decisions that will benefit the community and the projects within it.
  • Marketing Expertise: With over two years of hands-on experience in driving marketing initiatives within the NEAR ecosystem, I have developed and executed strategies that have not only amplified the presence of individual projects but also enhanced the overall visibility of NEAR. My approach is always data-driven and community-focused, ensuring that marketing efforts resonate well with our target audiences and contribute to sustainable ecosystem growth.
  • Governance Experience: I am ready to actively participate in AstroDAO voting, engage with the NEAR Digital Collective, and represent the Marketing DAO’s interests effectively.
  • Operational Excellence: My background in managing operations and leading teams will be instrumental in executing everyday tasks and strategic projects for the DAO.

Background and Experience in NEAR Ecosystem:

  • Wax & Chill&Shill Initiatives: Successfully launched and grew a NEAR KOL Twitter account and hosted 100+ educational and networking events. This has enabled me to deeply understand the NEAR ecosystem, connect with key players, and support the growth of numerous projects.
  • Community Building: My track record in fostering NEAR’s community engagement is marked by a collaborative spirit and a focus on shared growth and learning.
  • Marketing DAO Familiarity: I have a comprehensive understanding of Marketing DAO’s operations, tools, and documentation, having engaged closely with the processes and contributing constructive feedback on proposals.
  • NDC Involvement and Insight: My active participation in the NEAR Digital Collective (NDC) has provided me with a deep and nuanced understanding of its workings and ambitions. Being involved in NDC discussions and initiatives has equipped me with valuable perspectives on how the NEAR ecosystem can evolve and thrive. This experience ensures I can represent the Marketing DAO with an informed voice within the NDC, advocating for initiatives that align with our strategic goals and community values.

Personal Qualities and Motivation:

  • Leadership: I strive to lead by example, embodying the integrity and professionalism that the face of Marketing DAO should represent.
  • Commitment: My dedication to the NEAR ecosystem is unwavering. I am fully prepared to spend a significant amount of time furthering our collective goals.
  • Analytical Skills: Objectivity and thorough analysis are my strengths, enabling me to evaluate proposals effectively and contribute to transparent decision-making.
  • Strategic Vision: I believe in proactive leadership, identifying opportunities for strategic projects that align with our mission to enhance NEAR’s marketing prowess.

I am passionate about NEAR and committed to contributing to its growth. As a council member, I would leverage my experience, knowledge, and personal qualities to ensure that Marketing DAO not only thrives but also serves as a beacon of innovation and excellence within the NEAR ecosystem.

I appreciate your consideration and welcome any feedback from the community. I am ready to take on the responsibilities and challenges that come with the council role and look forward to the opportunity to serve.

Thank you,



Application for Council Membership in the Marketing DAO

Dear Marketing DAO Councils,
I am writing to express my strong interest in becoming a Council Member of the Marketing DAO. I have carefully reviewed the eligibility criteria and firmly believe that my skills, experiences, and commitment align with the expectations outlined in the proposal. Allow me to address each criterion:
.1. Be the ‘face’ of Marketing DAO: I’m dedicated to representing the Marketing DAO with the utmost integrity and professionalism. I understand the importance of maintaining a positive reputation and fostering trust within the community.
2. Spend a reasonable amount of time within the Ecosystem: I possess a deep understanding of the NEAR ecosystem. I have actively engaged with key players, tracked emerging trends, recognized ecosystem needs, and identified valuable opportunities in the blockchain space.
3. Assess incoming proposals: I am highly organized and capable of evaluating incoming proposals within the specified timeframe. My decision-making process is transparent and accountable, ensuring that I provide clear justifications for my assessments.
4. Governance: I am committed to active participation in AstroDAO voting, ensuring that I stay informed and contribute regularly to discussions. I value open communication and collaboration with fellow Council members, trustees, and the community.
5. Take ownership of everyday operations: I am prepared to go beyond ideas and take action to achieve the Marketing DAO’s objectives. Tasks such as managing the website, handling social media, hosting events, and executing necessary operations align with my capabilities.
6. Lead strategic projects: I possess strong critical thinking abilities, enabling me to identify problems and opportunities. I am experienced in hypothesis development, experiment design, and establishing strategic partnerships. Writing bounties and defining clear objectives come naturally to me.
7. NDC engagement: I am dedicated to staying well-informed about NDC developments and activities. Representing the Marketing DAO’s interests within the NDC is a responsibility I take seriously. I will ensure that the Marketing DAO maintains a reputable presence and standing within the NEAR ecosystem.

My intentions and goals for MDAO:

  1. Marketing efforts coordination with NF and NDC: I’m responsible for social media marketing at NDC and am going to communicate with NDC and NF for goals synchronization and to eliminate duplicate activities.

  2. Refresh the focus and activations of MDAO:

  • Ecosystem projects support: supporting ecosystem projects and their marketing activities to promote their updates and attract new on-chain audiences to dApps on NEAR;
  • Increase Web3-influencers awareness: attracting influencers from outside the ecosystem and creating monthly engagement activities for them on behalf of MDAO;
  • Grassroots DAOs support: engaging ecosystem media to create more explanatory content about NDC Grassroots DAOs’ activities and disseminating it beyond the NEAR ecosystem;
  • Organization of monthly engagement events (on Zealy or NearTasks platforms);
  1. Continue enhancing and improving MDAO’s Social Media presence on, Twitter, and Telegram. LinkedIn is next.
  • Monthly threads on approved projects;
  • Regular updates on proposal conditions;
  • Consistent threads on grantees’ updates;
  1. Hire a PR agency/project to work on the promotion of MDAO grantees’ content outside the NEAR ecosystem.

There are some key points from my resume:

I have been a member of the NEAR Community since October 2021.
My general experience and education: Bachelor of Media and Communication; Master of Visual and Cultural Studies (European Humanities University, Lithuania); Curator of Cultural Projects (European Cultural Foundation). I have over 15 years of experience in producing cultural projects, project management, community building, PR, and social media marketing. I had been a Founder Lead and Council member of GoaDAO on NEAR since November 2021, actively and successfully proposing and reporting to the Marketing and Creatives Verticals for six months. My responsibilities included onboarding creative projects and individuals, exploring dApps on the NEAR Protocol, organizing weekly meetups and monthly contests, creating guides, curating individuals and projects, and managing social media.
I have also been the Aurora Community and Ecosystem Lead (Coordinator) for the past 1.5 years. Have experience with engagement platforms such as Zealy, Galxe, Layer3, QuestN, TaskOn, and Midle, and have strong connections with major Ecosystem developments.
My skills: Project Management, Community Building, Team Leading, Multi-tasking, Social Media Marketing, IRL-events.
How I’m involved with NEAR and the overall blockchain ecosystem: I have over 300 connections with Ecosystem dApps and projects, as an Aurora Community core member. I’m a product manager for Aurora community mini-games(Wordle, 2048) and the portal, Community dashboard, and serve as a grants committee member.

In conclusion, I’m eager to contribute my expertise, dedication, and commitment to the Marketing DAO as a Council Member. I am confident that my skills and values align with the expectations outlined in the eligibility criteria. I look forward to the opportunity to discuss my potential role further and to collaborate with the Marketing DAO in achieving its goals.

Thank you for considering my application.

Johanga :white_heart:


Thank you @johanga @waxnear @Bakaka for sharing your posts here on the Forum!


Application for Membership in the Marketing DAO Council

I am thrilled to submit my application for a Council position within the Marketing DAO. After thoroughly examining the eligibility criteria, I am confident that my skills, experiences, and dedication harmonize seamlessly with the expectations outlined in the proposal. Let me delve into each criterion to illustrate how my contributions can significantly benefit the Marketing DAO.

1. Be the Face of Marketing DAO: I am enthusiastic about assuming the role of the public face for the Marketing DAO. I am committed to upholding principles of integrity and professionalism throughout. Recognizing the pivotal role of fostering trust and confidence within the community, I assure you of my dedication to maintaining the DAO’s impeccable reputation. I believe my steadfast commitment to the highest standards seamlessly aligns with the core ethos of the Marketing DAO.

2. Spend a Reasonable Amount of Time Within the Ecosystem: I bring with me a solid two-year tenure within the NEAR ecosystem, having been actively involved since September 2021. This experience has allowed me to develop a deep understanding of the ecosystem, familiarizing myself with key players, staying abreast of trends, discern current needs, and identifying potential opportunities within the dynamic blockchain space. My sustained engagement positions me well to contribute effectively to the Marketing DAO’s objectives.

3. Assess Incoming Proposals: I am prepared to diligently fulfill the responsibility of assessing incoming proposals within the specified timeframe of 10 days. My approach involves a thorough evaluation, providing detailed reasoning for each decision to ensure transparency and accountability. I understand the importance of documenting the decision-making process comprehensively, making it easily understandable for external parties. This commitment reflects my dedication to ensuring the efficient and transparent functioning of the Marketing DAO.

4. Governance: I am committed to active participation in AstroDAO voting, ensuring regular engagement by checking for updates at least once per week. Recognizing the significance of effective communication, I will maintain regular contact with fellow Council members, trustees, and the community. This collaborative approach is essential to achieving the Marketing DAO’s objectives, and I am dedicated to contributing my efforts to foster transparent governance and open communication within the DAO.

5. Take Ownership of Everyday Operations: I am fully prepared to transcend conceptualization and actively work towards achieving the Marketing DAO’s objectives. Tasks such as website management, social media oversight, and other operational responsibilities align seamlessly with my capabilities. I am committed to translating strategic plans into tangible results for the sustained success of the Marketing DAO.

6. Lead strategic projects: My approach involves creating hypotheses, designing experiments, and proactively engaging with partners to achieve our objectives. I am also skilled in defining clear objectives and criteria for success in bounties and experiments. I’m committed to driving initiatives that contribute to the Marketing DAO’s success.

7. NDC Engagement: I am committed to staying well-informed about the latest developments and activities within the NEAR Digital Collective (NDC). This involves providing regular input and representation of the Marketing DAO’s interests within the NDC. Ensuring that the Marketing DAO maintains a reputable presence and ongoing standing within the NEAR ecosystem is a priority for me. Through consistent engagement, I aim to contribute to the Marketing DAO’s visibility and influence within the broader NEAR community.

My primary objectives, upon election to the Marketing DAO, are centered around elevating transparency and efficiency in budget allocation. Specifically, I aim to establish individualized on-chain activity dashboards for each project funded by the Marketing DAO. This initiative serves several pivotal purposes:

  1. Enhanced Transparency: I aspire to create dedicated on-chain activity dashboards for every funded project. This will provide stakeholders with a clear, real-time visualization of how resources are utilized, fostering transparency and accountability within the community.
  2. KPI Integration: The project-specific dashboards will be meticulously designed to align with the Marketing DAO’s key performance indicators (KPIs). This ensures that each funded initiative contributes directly to the DAO’s overarching strategic goals, with measurable outcomes.
  3. Streamlined Operations: Centralizing on-chain activity tracking for individual projects will streamline the budget distribution process. This operational efficiency will empower the Marketing DAO to respond promptly to emerging opportunities and allocate resources judiciously.
  4. Roadmap Alignment: The development and implementation of these project-specific dashboards will be synchronized with the outlined roadmap. This guarantees that the Marketing DAO’s initiatives progress cohesively and in harmony with the broader strategic objectives.

In essence, my goal is to equip the Marketing DAO with tailored tools and transparency, allowing for informed decision-making, optimized resource allocation, and heightened effectiveness in overseeing individual projects funded within the NEAR ecosystem, especially MDAO.

Background and Experience in NEAR Ecosystem:

I’m Agung, and I’ve been a part of the NEAR community since September 2021. I hold a leadership position as one of the leaders in the NEAR and Aurora regional guild in Indonesia. Throughout my involvement with NEAR and Aurora, I have been actively engaged in:

  1. Organizing Campaigns and Activities: I have organized various NEAR and Aurora campaigns and activities, including AMA sessions, workshops, and community calls.
  2. Building Partnerships: I’ve been instrumental in establishing partnerships with internal NEAR projects in Indonesia and globally.
  3. Ecosystem Networking: I’ve cultivated relationships with representatives from diverse ecosystems, such as Harmony, Binance, Arbitrum, Algorand, Cardano, and others.
  4. Local Relations: Additionally, I’ve maintained positive relations with local players in fields like NFTs, cryptocurrency, games, exchanges, and public figures.
  5. Mining Industry Experience: Beyond the web3 space, I previously worked in the mining industry in Indonesia. My responsibilities included ensuring smooth export activities and managing permits with local and central government authorities.

In addition, I am currently working on a project to develop a regional DAO dashboard. Attached is the roadmap for this initiative.

My experiences and commitments in community building, partnership development, and project management within NEAR, coupled with my background in another industry, provide a solid foundation for contributing positively to the Marketing DAO and the broader NEAR ecosystem.

Thank you!


I fully support @johanga for Marketing DAO Council role. With her expertise and commitment she can really help growing the ecosystem. I wish you the best!


Hey @johanga , thanks for sharing your nomination for MDao councils position!

One of the early contributor in our ecosystem growth, happy to support! :pray:


I went ahead and posted a new thread here a few days back - [Proposal] Self Nomination for MDAO council