Marmaj Cards Onboarding Flow

This post is meant to serve as a living document to outline the current state of the marmaj Cards onboarding flow

Images of marmaj Cards MVP (3 cards/pack, 7 total designs, 0.819 N/pack)

Link to example NFT: NFT Distribution Tool by Satori

Number of cards per pack: 5

Linkdrop amount per per pack: 0.819 $NEAR tokens for gas fees + logging into Dapps

Create a NFT claim campaign: Creator Studio by Satori

Currently we have 8 total MarmaJchan designs (1 new one since the MVP) meant to be used for the marmaj Cards project, but we have hundreds that have been collected by the marmaj DAO: MarmaJchan | Marma J Foundation

The goal is to create packs of cards that can simply be handed to someone to commence the onboarding flow into the marmaj community.

  1. User opens pack and can scan QR codes on the cards to set up a wallet + claim the NFTs

  2. User can scan the QR code on the sticker in the pack to claim 0.819 NEAR to be used for gas fees and fee allowance to login to Dapps ok Near

  3. In the Near Wallet, users can navigate to Awesome NEAR and start searching for Dapps to interact with.

  4. For example, they could attempt to list one of their new MarmaJchan NFTs for sale on The Auction :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

  5. Anyone who scans the QR code on the back of the physical cards can claim the NFTs (up to a pre-set amount of times) so people can share the cards with friends and family to have them onboard as well.

Notes: it’s ~ 1k NEAR to set up a campaign with ~22k NFTs available to claim and it was 10.95 Near to set up campaigns with 219 NFT claims.