[Introduction] Truth and Reconciliation WG

Greetings Near family, I trust y’all are having a good day, here’s a brief introduction to the Truth and Reconciliation Working group.

With the recent development in the ecosystem, forming a truly decentralized body to further foster fair partnership, transparency, trust and engagement in the ecosystem. The NDC has seen a reason to have a general body, which will be focused on conflict Management and Resolution.

The Truth and Reconciliation Working group is a working group that is working on a possible remedy to conflict escalation, it seeks to develop lasting terms on which a peaceful ecosystem can be achieved.

This is an open call to all community members who are interested and possess some diplomatic traits, to join this movement which has already begun, to join as contributors to keep building.

Here’s the recent charter draft. Kindly go through and give your feedback.

Here’s the telegram link feel
free to join let’s interact and build :dove::dove::dove: