Introduction to NEAR GoaDAO

Hi @dmitryne,
I had suggested breaking down the guild intro post and funding proposal post as two separate posts on our call.

For meetups, I’d suggest you to synch with @jlwaugh as he’s planning on a series of NEAR meetups around the world. @pransh and @theChosenOne can assist you with the planning as they’re already planning for one in Bangalore.

What is missing here are the specific goals.

I’d like to know your targets-
For example:

  • 100 NEAR wallets in the first month
  • Creating curriculum and plan for people with NEAR wallets to start participating in the ecosystem- measured by new users on Mintbase, Paras, etc that were onboarded from this guild.
  • 200 followers on Twitter and 100 active members in the Telegram community.

I’m looking for specific numbers that you’re hoping to hit with your campaigns. Here’s a guide on which DAO to request funding from and their process: [GUIDE] Guilds, DAOs, DAO Verticals - what does it all mean?

Here’s how to submit a funding request to the Marketing DAO if you’re looking to submit it for marketing and outreach related activities(which will be reviewed by the @marketingdao-council): [Guide] How to submit a funding proposal to the Marketing DAO

Add your funding request into one single post outlining the amount in USD. I would start with a small plan to begin with and then tweak that based on the community request, so that we can scale up, instead of planning for a NEAR festival every month.

If you’re looking to do more creative things and onboard more creatives, I would recommend asking for funding from the creatives DAO: [Guide] The Creatives DAO Funding

In any case, as mentioned in the email and on the call, all of these DAOs need time to evaluate your proposal, so an ideal time frame would be 3-4 weeks in advance of whatever you’re planning.

Looping in @Sofia_Alum, since you’ve spoken with her before.


To Create new wallets and teach people how to make NFT it is very specific, No?

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We dont put here information about funding if u can see :see_no_evil:
@johanga just ask question about funding for next post like recomendation

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@jlwaugh @pransh hi guys can u planning and assist us with our meetups?
We already booked for tommorow 25 November in Goa

Thank you

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I’ve added an example above. In the funding proposal, the DAO council will need specifics in numbers.

Good, my plan then

  • 50 new wallets in first mounth
  • 25 curriculum people with NEAR wallets on Paras, pluminite
  • 50 active followers in telegram group
  • 50 active followers in Instagram account
  • 20 followers on YouTube channel

And i want start promoting and inviting people to join mintbase community too
But i dont feel initiative from mintbase

Today 24 November, i spoke with @marianeu 22 November
But we still dont had conversation about plan to increase mintbase

If i dont feel surrorting and feedback i can stop my initiative about Mintbase

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@shreyas thank you very much for information and helping us

Why u dont support idea of music festival ?

We already scale up
Strating with two people in September

Now we have NEAR team start from 7 people
And around people who supported us like 30-70 people like common

We can involve more people depends guild budget

yes, we’re preparing funding proposal post separately, as you told us

ok, i got it, and it will be added to funding post, and edited here as well

thank you so much for this instruction, very valuable :pray:

so as i see, i’m preparing one post like “funding the 1st month of Goa NEAR Guild”
and count minimum expences and minimum activities for the 1st month with proper aims in numbers, right? then if all is going well with our report, the next month we’re planning more activties with more budget, and then after few months we will be able to propose separate NEAR Festival for funding, maybe for bounty programme or directly to marketing DAO -?

thank you for the support!

@Dacha dmitry told, better to ask from you about references for our funding plans

  • what is an adequate maximum that can cover our ideas?
    we’re focusing on (1)events (workshops and meetups, quests and games), (2)media (visual educational and creative content for social media channels and for NFT,) and (3) community (to join places in Goa for their participation in quests and meetups, and to work on Telegram, Youtube, Instagram channels). every activity is going on all over the month, we have a team of 7 people who are ready to work on it fully
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I’m sorry guys, I don’t know exactly. I see that some events bellow $300-$500 covered in full . Media depend on kinds of activities, etc
I think the best way contact with @shreyas about it or DAO marketing team.


Hi @dmitryne :wave:

Sure, we’d love to assist you with your meetups. There’s a lot of scope with meetups in technical, creative and outreach aspects and I believe we can help Open Web Guild can do a lot more. Let’s have a call next week after you wrap up today’s meetup! :slight_smile:

There’s obviously no time to get involved in today’s meetup but I’m curious about one thing here.

You’ve mentioned on the post that you had a similar meetup on 21st Nov, why did you choose to do it again and why so soon?

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Because we have interested people who want to know about NEAR, also we help to create wallets, some people need more information about creating NFT, especially Mintbase

And it to good meet up people in live, find common interests, all new ideas creatting during disscisions

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Hi @pransh
I doing this events , cause we have interested people want to know about NEAR and they need some practic with NFT

And big events we still cant make it,
We have only 3-4 people who can give more information about NFT to people and show them in practic to lern it. Its take long time 30 min for people who never used NEAR wallet and etc

Cause people have many other questions while NFT creating

And even this looking like small work, but big step to spread information. I think is necessary to meet up, because we need it continue when people have inspiration and our community grow step by step

Big way start from small step
Let me know how we can contact?
And welcome to our meetups :hugs::hugs:


Thank you @marianeu for creating on mintbase two store for artists and musicians

I will spread people about this opportunity

@shreyas I’m wondering, how to measure wallets that we’re creating as a guild, and here there is a question - if is it possible to create a refferal link - to open new accounts through it - to count such wallets automatically and with opened results?

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Generally looks good to me. I leave it to the DAO verticals to review and provide the funding.

  • 25 curriculum people with NEAR wallets on Paras, pluminite

This one isn’t very clear to me. Are you saying that you’ll get 25 out of the 50 people to create an account on Paras or pluminite?

Exactly! Start small, show results and then scale up.

Good question, I dont know of any referrals for wallet creation. However, there is NEAR Linkdrop and NEAR names, which will allow you to set up people with NEAR wallets. Alternatively, given that there are just 20-30 people attending these events, i would just get their NEAR wallets in a spreadsheet or something to keep track from each event. You can then plan out activities so that you can check who is active after a week or month from that event.

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If we make 50 wallets

I mean 25 people i guess can be still active , with transactions and creating NFT and etc

Just idea

I can say u exact information only after one month of our acitivity