Introduction to "ART NEAR WORLD TRAVEL" guild

Good evening

I want to introduce some guild which i already start this in India, Goa Is name

What about this guild

Its travel Art community, which dont have One Place all time moving in the World and make Activity where they are in moment

Its mostly Art people community Who want to support and to help NEAR to grow and start to be crypto protocol Number 1 in the World

Its community not only Art people everyone Who have same ideas and pure and kind Heart can join us

Its about Love to all Nature, Carefull relationship to our Mother Earth

Its about travel around World and create NEAR communities people, making reallife lessons meetups in any parte of World, and create Art NEAR communities, music NEAR communities, create new wallets and NFT , meet many new people around World and introduce to them NEAR

@shreyas @Sofia_Alum
@Dacha @cryptocredit
@vandal @Paul @denni_wild


I would like to start this guild from my location now in Goa, India.

And like First step Is introduce NEAR to all India

Some video of my for watching

Thank u


Good evening! Glad to see a new Guild in Near Ecosystem.




Cool idea! connecting communities through art and NEAR is wonderful. Looking forward to hearing more about some of the activities you’re planning.


Thank u for supporting @vandal
Letsee one day we can jam on stage together on NEAR music Festival :sweat_smile::blush:
Cheers :blush:


Wow . Let’s meet up in Chennai :heart_eyes:. This is gonna be cool and excited


Hey hey!

Awesome :tada:

Have you spoken to @Jessica & or @shreyas from the Guilds team? Would be great for you to connect if not!

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Thank you @David_NEAR
I tag @shreyas here with this post, he just liked this post, no reply. May be i need contact him by other way. I will try other option to contact him from NEAR Guilds form

@dmitryne Is this a new guild? If yes, can you post a bit more about how this is different from your existing guild that we spoke about a while back?

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Hi @Jessica can i contact u about this Guild?

Hi @shreyas if u can read information above, there is many differences between GOA guild and ART NEAR WORLD TRAVEL.
And i need to say to community im not part Goa Guild from moment public this post. With Goa guild we have big difference with way to realise ideas, cause i want start other Guild

@shreyas if u dont see difference between Goa guild and ART NEAR WORLD TRAVEL Guild, let me know i will make special post where can explain with more details about difference

Thank u :blush:

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Sure. That’s fine. You may fill in the form on the website and one of us will reach out to schedule a call with next steps: Start a Guild on NEAR

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Thank you very much :hugs: @shreyas
I will do it

Hi @shreyas its Done i filled form.:notes::performing_arts::old_key:
What is next step? I need contact u for more information?

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I can’t seem to find your entry on our back end, but no worries. @Jessica please schedule a call with @dmitryne to chat more. Thanks!


Good morning. Does onboarding team provide Russian language service? I have a couple people who want to create a guild. Thank You


@Sofia_Alum can u help please? :see_no_evil::blush:

The question to onboarding team @Jessica and @shreyas