[INTRODUCTION] Rádio Ophelia | Independent Community Radio


Rádio Ophelia is an on-line community, pirate, radio, streaming live from Almada with it’s transmission fully dedicated to the independent music scene.

We first started transmitting in January 2018, and our work since has been creating a network between independent artists and/or labels, or communities, and to be a meeting point and a platform of communion and promotion of those same artists or collectives.

So far, we are cooperating with over 50 artists, labels or collectives, from all across Portugal, some from Brazil and some from Angola, and we count around 500 shows produced and transmitted live, all of them available on Mixcloud.

After a couple of meetings during the last Hackathon in the Lisbon City Node, we came to the conclusion that creating our own DAO would be our best choice to expand our community, the tools that we already have to provide support to our enveloping communities and artists, and how we can all work inside the Near ecosystem.

Social Media Links:

Website: https://www.radio-ophelia.pt/

Instagram: Login • Instagram

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João Ferreira jesuscrido.near

Is a Portuguese TV director and producer, founder of Rádio Ophelia. With experience in leading teams through TV Studios, TV channels, congresses, music events and recording sessions, he takes charge of managing the production of the shows and all radio related production issues.

Eder Barbosa meioeder.near

Cape Verdean born Portuguese national, with a CTeSP in Audiovisual Production and currently finishing the degree in Sciences of Art and Heritage with some experience in Art museology and exhibit organization. He has experience in studio recording and mixing, for tv, radio and internet ads and voice recording, and is currently working as the editor and archive management of all content we produce.

André Tomate atomate.near

Is a Portuguese sound engineer, musician, co-founder of Rádio Ophelia and part-time farmer. He has experience in recording and mixing, both instruments and voice, for live shows or studio sessions.

NEAR Ecosystem Mentorship: @TRosario

Us and the NEAR Ecosystem

In our meetings during the Hackathon we discussed ways of combining our already established community with the Near ecosystem, and how we can create a symbiotic relationship.

Since almost all of our shows are live, and we are communicating with the audience throughout the shows we came up with:

. Tip system - We can offer tips to our listeners and our guests for achieving something in our community.

. Live radio-show giveaways with contests and challenges

. A radio stream faucet, where listeners get a tip just for being listening for a fair amount of time straight.

On the backstage of things, we also got around some ways of working with NEAR:

. Merchandise - This one is easy, we have our own merch already being sold, we just need to start accepting NEAR.

. We would like to implement a production fee in Near for our show-hosts and live performers

. NFTs for special and exclusive live radio content, like live acts, special interviews, etc.

. Since we’re expanding we’ll need some assistance thus allowing us to create Bounties for radio related work like jingles for shows, short-clips for media promotion, graphic design, etc.

In our conversations with Tiago, we came to the idea of providing technical support in creating a Lisbon City Node dedicated radio, and provide support in the NEAR Protocol radio stream for music related events.

Thank you for your time and big ups to @TRosario for all the help and advice.


Welcome! Another joins the Node. Thanks for the presentation, I think we should have some cool ideas to broadcast and help spread your community’s work and the NEAR Ecosystem in the city of Lisbon.


hey hey

bem-vindos! Welcome!

Just one thing: if Rádio Ophelia doesn’t have a DAO (SputnikDAO) doesn’t make sense to describe a council.

Do you need help in creating a DAO? @TRosario If you ever need my help with onboarding let me know :smile:

maravilha ter-vos por cá!

@frnvpr Yes you are right of some sort!

I spoke about this specific subject with @jesuscrido, but I recognised it would be cool to introduce the DAO idea before in a written post, for organizational purposes of its own DAO and recieve general advice if needed. Then I would help him in the process of creating the DAO itself, since its a very good project, already decentralized with its own community and independent radio shows.

Thanks for the support Fred, again! :slight_smile:

I will tell Rádio Ophelia to have this post updated as soon as the DAO is created.


Great! Yeah, it’s nice to have a feel for the council even before the DAO is officially created. keep it up!