Introduction & Open Call for Near Turkish Community

I cant wait to be part of near community and im really excited to read this announcement, I’M ALL IN

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Hello everyone
I’m Taha
I’m 24 years old
I graduated from International Relations and I’m going to apply masters degree soon

I met with Crypto during my bachelors degree. It was 3 years ago and i’ve read all of things about crypto(still reading) because i believe in knowledge is power. I wish i got into crypto world before the pandemic because of that im little bit angry to me and still cant forgive myself :slight_smile: at the same time im super bullish to what will happen in NEAR future and how the crypto changes our lifes more

I attended to testnet campaigns almost all of chains and i learnt so many things while discovering the crypto ecosystem and im trying to keep up this work because if you were in crypto you must do that there is no other option.

I was reading an article on internet and handsome black&white logo blinked everything started with this after that i’ve done a lot of research about Near and tested it used it and here I’m


Telegram, Discord, Twitter: ( I can run the groups, prepare valuable content about near and some visual stuff)
I can organize some events with Nearians
I can introduce Near to university students and young adults(Making presentations)
I can record video for Youtube
:ox: :ox: :ox: :ox:


My name is Burak Eren. I am 20 years old, still student at Cankaya University.

I am one of the member of Cankaya University Blockchain Society. I want to learn coding on Near and just started to process. With’s team we are going to do near bootcamp and if i complete succesfully i want to join near development process.

I also had experiment of groups admins of some coins-societies. I am active user on Telegram-Discord-Twitter so generally i love the communicate with people for give them informations.

For near i can do group mods of any social media. Write article and translate like those stuffs like that. In future i want to also write code for Near, that’s my aim. For now i am just tryin’ to learn Rust. I want to be part of Near Community as much as possible.

Let’s grow together!


Hello everyone!
I am Efekan, from Ankara.
I am 23 years old.
I am a computer engineering student.

I am currently learning rust and solidity. At the same time, I am improving myself in marketing and content production, I can contribute in this field. I look forward to joint projects with the Near community.


I am Mehmet, from Bitlis(yes, far away from metropols)
I am 40 years old.

I am cs teacher for 17 years. I am teaching rust programming language at my schools and on my youtube channel. I am also developing my own project, libredu. You can find me on my youtube channel →

For now, i am planning to teach or give informations about rust programming language to near turkey community. I hope it will help students to learn a special language for near protocols.


Hi everyone!

I would love to get involved, connect and cooperate!

My professional background is 15 years in finance / banking, last 3 years as private banker covering the Turkish market (mainly Istanbul) for Entrepreneurs & Executives.
Currently I am involved in onboarding companies and projects to NEAR.

I started “crypto” with mt.gox and well… I am still here, if you know what I mean :slight_smile:

Reading through the above I see strong potential for cooperation as some projects need some services as described above (community building, events, teaching, development) and I am sure on the other hand I can help with some of my good contacts.

Let me know if you want to know anything specific and happy to jump into a call anytime.



Hello respected community members.

I’m really glad to meet you all. I’have been talking to each of you on private as soon as you submitted here :slight_smile: Now that we are 10 I think it’s time to decide on important subjects.

Looking forward to meet together decide together on those important points and then Then we will publish a manifesto.
Our work on some community channels with friends who joined first, continues at full speed.
We need your creative ideas and actual contributions that will enlarge the Turkish community and bring it to the top. In this meeting, we will make some decisions in Community management and Dao organization and add new members to the dao as well.

Nice to meet you all. :heart_eyes:
@crypto_blckhntr @Kemal @REK @OkanCaptain @dadathoo_crypto @MezonQuark @Eyf @eribol @Marcos @KriptoRaptor
you all are invited! to this Turkish Community Call tomorrow
Pazartesi, 4 Nisan · 11:00 - 11:45pm
Google Meet katılma bilgileri
Görüntülü görüşme bağlantısı:
ps. all other Near Community members who want to spectate and contribute are invited!


Hello everyone,
My name is Şura Kaymak.
I am 21 years old.
I am a 2nd year international relations student at Yalova University.
I am the coordinator of the Yalova IEEE Organization and Sponsorship committee.
It is my duty to organize fellow members of my committee in the events we will hold.
I’m good at this job.
There are also music groups that I represent in Istanbul and Yalova.
I’m organizing parties.
I love communicating with people and discussing a topic. Reading poetry books and autobiographies is one of my greatest pleasures.
I am very excited to meet you with the encouragement of my friend Remzi Emre Kahveci.

Let the Near thrive alongside the Turkish community!


Thanks for invite, i will be here for meeting!


Hey @KriptoRaptor, Great to be part of the Turkish community! :tr: :partying_face:

Is this UTC?

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Turkey time 11.00 PM Kemal. It’s 08.00PM UTC


Hey everyone it’s great to see this amazing community growing. I’m Bayram and my profession was frontend dev. I quit my job to go full time with web3 and now following my passion. I hope Turkish community grows bigger around this amazing tech. @KriptoRaptor thanks for all your efforts to improve onboarding Turkish community to Near Protocol. You Rock ! Nice to meet you all !


hey @Sura and @grandzero welcome to Near!
we are growing super fast. Tune in for the Istanbul meet and the Yucon Yalova conference! We are just getting started! Near will be the top trending among developers and users in Turkey soon.

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Hello Everyone,
I’m Güney Sevindik.
I have a event organization company " Etkin Kampüs"
I live in Istanbul but i travel to cities for organization E

I organized I. Blockchain and Crypto Summit

We organized digital event for Near Protocol and some projects.
We have 130+ campus representative at university.

we contribute to event organization, campus marketing.
I hope to meet all of you.


Hey Güney welcome friend! I’m so glad to have you here. You’re a gem! :smiling_face:


for the record:
as we discussed on our call and telegram we’re meeting on Izmir tomorrow 04.00 tsi (Turkey time)
@shreyas and @amgando will also be there :raised_hands:
at Baristorcrat Alsancak Google Maps
all Turkish(and Near Community in general who can make it here) Community contributors/users are invited! let me


Hello everyone!
I’m Artuğ Ökmen DOĞAN, from Ankara Science University. I’m 22 years old and I’m studying 1st Software Engineer.

I met with NEAR in @REK’s Ankara meeting then I’m glad to meet you all.

I’m chair on Ankara Science University IEEE Student Branch’s, I’ve very good communication and networks with my regional clubs.

A photo from IEEE CSCON’22 Meeting.

What can I do?
Event organization and etc.

We want to do joint activity(Webinar or Face to Face (prefer Webinar)) with NEAR Turkey


Hello, dears;
I request that our Telegram: Contact @Near_Turkiye group be added to Find, Join, or Start a Guild on NEAR

The listed channel is a non-public and centralized community, managed in a non-transparent and closed manner (let’s not forget that community members are still banned). Founded and recognized by Near Turkey Community members. I request that the public (Telegram: Contact @Near_Turkiye) Turkey Community channel be added there.

Our social media networks:

Telegram: Telegram: Contact @Near_Turkiye
Instagram: Login • Instagram
YouTube: Near Türkiye - YouTube


hey Nihat! I think you mean this Guilds Page right?

I agree. since those fellows don’t represent a Turkish community open to everyone it should be replaced with new decentralized Turkish Community initiative.
I’ll ask for this if there are no objections from Turkish Community members.


Yes bro, this is the page I mean…


I already want this sanction. I and some friends banned from the telegram group without any warning. Telegram/twitter is not someone’s play ground. If there is no contempt/ humiliation no one can prevent an investor/developer from reaching the decentralized community!