[INTRODUCTION] Nearity DAO - Guild

Hi everyone!
My name is Samm. I represent Nearity - a team of software engineers development. We’re passionate about community-driven decentralisation solutions, we have 8 year in digital transformation and 4 year in blockchain development

We are proud to become the NEAR Protocol’s first marketing support and Development blockchain on NEAR/AURORA

i know NEAR protocol mid of 2021, i acctually with NEAR protocol concept in both performance technical and operation development. so we decide teamup and focus media and development software skill on NEAR.

Team member:


Some detail every month that we focus:

Development social and marketing on NEAR

Support project on NEAR and AURORA on our source media
Design graphic, indentify brand, pitchdesk
Become kol/influencer on NEAR
Producing content, news, analyst, insights on NEAR

Below is our detail profile and road map!

DM telegram: http://t.me/nearity_DM
Our email nearity.work@gmail.com

Guild Name: Nearity

Guild Leader(s): Samnguyen.near

Guild SputnikDAO Address: updating

Guild Communication Channels :
website: coming soon

Next step

How we know complete form and another processing for become tier guild in OWS?

Some from our side:
via Application: Done

let me know another processing for become official guild on ows.
Reach out! We can do awesome things in the next time!


Great insights so far, I personally keep an eye on Nearity twitter for updates.