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The Near Sport Community is an innovative platform that aims to revolutionize the world of sports and fitness.This community-driven initiative provides a decentralized ecosystem for athletes, sports enthusiasts, and fitness professionals to connect, collaborate, and engage with one another. The platform enables individuals to organize and participate in various sporting events, tournaments, and training sessions with ease. Moreover, the DAO offers unique opportunities for athletes to monetize their skills and talents through token incentives and sponsorship deals. Users can also access a wealth of educational resources, training programs, and expert advice to enhance their performance and overall well-being. With the Near Sport Community, the future of sports and fitness is reimagined, empowering individuals to connect, compete, and achieve their goals in an exciting manner.

Sport is said to have the power to unite people, regardless of their age, race, gender, culture, or nationality. This positive impact of sport on society has this amazing, unique way of bringing people together. Whether it’s helping children, communities or sometimes even nations, sport is making a difference every day. Team and player charities are raising money for worthy causes, major events are boosting local tourism and economies and children are encouraged to get out and get active. So what positive impact does sport have on society?

  1. Boosts Economy
    It’s no secret that sport like basketball, football is big business. But what you might not realise is the immensely positive impact it has on local economies, mainly through tourism.

  2. Provides Jobs
    Part of the economic impact involves jobs. Sport creates thousands of jobs. Football for example,players down to ref etc.

  3. Role Models
    Ask young children who their role models are, and a fair few of them would name a player.

  4. Creates and Supports Charities
    Many sport players have charities. There are hundreds, in fact, with causes ranging from promoting healthy lifestyles to cancer research. Sport has such a huge platform to leverage off, making millions every year for charities that need support.

  5. Keeps One Healthy And Fit.


Our mission is to create a friendly atmosphere for people, especially those who are lovers of sports to come together and interact and have great sport experience. As it is said, a sporty lifestyle is an healthy lifestyle. We are a community of sport like mind who come together to explore web3 and it ecosystem.

NSC is basically focused in onboarding sport men and women including lovers of sport, fitness coach, Nutritionist to encourage and support their sport life. NSC is also focus on promoting sport on NearHub/Metaverse.


  1. To create awareness about Near protocol locally and internationally through our sport activitie
  2. To create more Near Users.
  3. To create opportunities for participants and all lovers of sports through sport quiz to earn $Near
  4. To educate and reach out to sport men and women about web3 and Near ecosystem.


• We are looking forward to sponsorship from top organizations as we progress on every event done by NSC

• NSC will also be generating revenue from YouTube views.

We hope for the best of NSC.



In addition to the advantages of sports and the sports community, we must not forget about their disadvantages. Sport is a complex and costly occupation, where people can get hurt and break down psychologically. Sometimes the sports community is aggressive and toxic, instead of supporting fans of different athletes, teams, or sports quarrels.


Thanks @Ditartyn for your point of view which is very correct, but i did like to say that there is nothing in this universe that doesn’t have disadvantages if u agree with me. But i do want us to look at the advantage and merit side of this new introduction/ innovation and what it’s gonna do to this community, Let be optimistic appreciate @Ditartyn

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Are you only focused in disabled people in sports as you mentioned in which sport area, or in general sport activities? Sport is also a generic term. What sports will you concentrate on, football, basketball, racing, or simply sport?


The concept is cool, but your sustainability model need to be reshaping especiallyfor short term survival and growth, unless you are going to request for funding every month like others to run and make the community active, i like the idea shaa.


We are not only focus on disable sport men and women secondly we are also looking at general sport activities.

You are right, I have being looking into our sustainable goal as we had meeting with 1 or 2 organization for sponsorship in which they willing to support. Hopefully We will be kicking off with “Lagos Marathon with Near” which will be happening in Yaba Lagos. This will be a great start for the DAO


Great job done :+1:. Happy to be part