[Introduction] Help NEAR grow in Latin America - Share NEAR weekly highlights in our +4 million people community

Hi NEAR team and community. I hope you are great.

My name is Gabriel Gagliardoni, founder of El Kilombo: a media company and the #1 meme channel in Latin America. I’m contacting you since we wanted to propose a partnership that might interest you.

Some context about us: El Kilombo began its journey as a meme channel and ended up evolving into a media company, a creative agency and one of the most influential meme channels in Latin America. We are followed by more than[ 4 million followers across our social networks and we are probably the first of it’s kind to partnered with recognized brands like Binance, Axie Infinity, Stepn, Seedify, Polkastarter, GamefI, SynCity, Bluezilla, Ertha, Dropp (now Rebase), Dogami (backed by Ubisoft, Animoca, Sandbox) and big brands like Amazon, Disney, Netflix, Spotify, among many others.

We’re also followed by hundreds of celebrities including Lionel Messi (Soccer player), J Balvin (Most popular reggaeton singer in the world) among many other very influential people.

How can we help? We believe we can help you grow in Latin America as we have a loyal and large community in the country with the fastest crypto adoption in the region (Argentina). For this reason, we thought we could partner to share with our audience of @el_kilombo and @kilombocripto your weekly highlights to help you spread the word on what you are working on and building at NEAR.

We also have a gaming guild of +600 players in case you think it could be valuable for you.

Let me know if you are interested and I will be happy to jump on a quick call to discuss further.

Here are some links to the most important newspapers in Argentina so you can have third party references about us: CNN, Infobae, Clarín, La Nación, etc.

Kind regards,

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Due to the nature of this I’ve updated the category to the MarketingDAO, if you’re looking to submit a proposal check out this guide:


Hey David, how you are well. Thank you. Its okay like this or I should re-do it?

Good evening, could you please use this guide ? Thanks

Thank you guys. Let me know if you have any doubts. Happy to jump on a call if is necessary.

@FritzWorm, @nacho.near good evening! What do you think about the proposal? Thanks!!

Hey Gabriel, if you are looking to get funding or create a project with the kickstart that Marketing DAO can provide, you should create a more thorough post regarding KPIs that you can offer to Near and also you should have a mission and vision when it comes to what will your platform and community achieve in the Near Ecosystem.

There should be a more detailed planning to what are you offering and what could we give you in return for said offer and growth in the Near Ecosystem. Here you have a post I made for future references.

By the way I’m Nacho. Founder and Lead of Near Argentina. You can contact me via telegram, join the guild!

There you can get up to date from where we are now and where we started.
My personal advice is to target your current audience to education and promoting Near Certifications since we are working alongside the Regional Hubs initiative and there is plenty of work to be done regarding education, and I believe is one of the most interesting topics for newcomers and also for people that are already in the Crypto ecosystem.

Let me know if there is anything you need, lets arrange a call whenever you like.
Kind regards. Nacho


Thank you @nacho.near for providing extra information and offering to help the proposer.

@Gabriel_ElKilombo For us to review the proposal, I agree with @Dacha, please follow the guide and provide what it requests. Also, I typically recommend if it is your first time posting in the community to participate some before posting a proposal so you can get to know some of the projects and community members.

That said, we welcome a proposal in the future if it fits the format outlined above. Thanks!


@David_NEAR I believe we should change the nature of this post to [Introduction] as there isn’t any specific ask of the Marketing DAO.

@Gabriel_ElKilombo You should definitely get in touch with NEAR Hispano. The NEAR Foundation just awarded funding to the Latam Regional Hub which will have an initial strong presence in Argentina and Colombia. I believe you will be able to fund a lot of synergies to work with them as they execute on that roadmap, they also have funding.

Alternatively, you can always come back with specific campaign or project proposals to Marketing DAO


Well put! This will need to be resumbitted.

Thanks for the response on this one.

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Hi Nacho, hope you are well my friend. Thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it. I will write to you on Telegram. Big hug.

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Hey Satojandro, hope you are well! Thanks for the feedback. What you think is the best way to get in touch with NEAR Hispano?

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What is your Telegram handle? I tried to look for you with nacho.near but could not find you. If you can, please send me here your profile link so I can contact you there. Thanks in advance.

Say Hi over here:

And lets continue there :muscle: :+1:

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NEAR Hispano: Telegram: Contact @NEARHispano

Hope this helps!