[INTRODUCTION] D-layer (United Belarus DAO)

DAO name: D-layer
(United Belarus DAO)

DAO councils: @techdir @Jull-gull @johanga
Astro-DAO address: after approval


To support the NEAR Ecosystem and Creatives DAO as well as artists from Belarus to help them promote and advocate for their arts as a bigger community and not as alone artist.


  • To onboard NEAR Ecosystem not only creative artists, but also their closest circle of fans;
  • to help them with technical issues and to break the myth that crypto and blockchain are complicated and incomprehensible areas.

The closest fans will help artists to gain onchain weight faster and to make their first sales, which will help a lot in their future creative journey.

Our mission is focused on onboarding creative people from Belarus to NEAR Ecosystem:

  1. because we’re from Belarus
  2. There are many talented people in Belarus, but they are still completely unrepresented in blockchain - we need to fix this urgently.
  3. Due to the situation in the country last years many people are moving abroad (to Poland, Lithuania, Germany, Ukraine, Georgia, Czech Republic), and a lot of creative artists lost connection with their fans and the opportunity of monetizing their creativity.
  4. To Restore lost connections and to build a decentralized civil society.


1.st Stage

  1. Creation of manuals on how to open and deposit NEAR wallet with amendments to Belarus.(D-school)

  2. Creation of social media channels (Telegram, Instagram, Twitter) to inform local people about NEAR news, to spread our activities in belarus social media space as well as to help people with wallets, NFTs and all if they are not ok with guides (D-channels)

  3. Filling Instagram, Twitter, Telegram with the results of our work with artists + informational posts with instructions.

  4. Creating stores on Mintbase according to directions:

  • Digital art
  • Digitized art
  • Beats and samples
  • Tracks / releases
  1. Onboard several (1-3) creators per month with a large social capital and/or an interesting creative project for each of the stores and prepare their exhibitions to show others by their examples that NFT and blockchain are not difficult (+ creating wallets for them).

  2. Gradually (after 1-2 months) start to organize monthly metaverse events, where we can gather Belarusian artists and their fans from everywhere in one place for a uniting party

2. Launch Mintbase store for digitized art

  • the main message is “online gallery : you buy nft - you get nft and a physical painting”

  • artists are making posts and stories n their social media about what they start to use blockchain NEAR platforms for their art

3. Launch Mintbase store for digital art

  • digital artists are making series of posts and stories in social media about their becoming NFT-NEAR-artists

  • The main message is "make a repost of your favorite work in social networks - participate in NFT-raffle”

4. Launch Musical store on Mintbase

  • exclusive releases

  • first month - Shuma band (Login • Instagram) release collaboration with social movement

5. Launch store of beats and samples

  • a longread on the subject with personal mailing to the producers

  • conducting offline consultations ( in some bar or cafe). Help in opening wallets, teaching how to mint NFTs, etc)

  • number of new producer accounts are expected.

6. Onboard DJs, people from electronic music scene, promoters and clubs

  • filling the store with souvenir NFTs dedicated to the best raves of last year, to DJs and bright people from the party, most of the revenue and royalties goes to personal wallets as a donation. In the future these NFTs can be used to get bonuses when attending parties with the same musicians.

  • NFT-raffles from DJs and promotional groups in social media. To participate, one have to create a wallet and make repost on social media.

  • amount of accounts of musicians, promoters and ordinary partygoers are expected to be opened.


  1. Expanding the number of onboarded artists for all the stores

  2. Curating them, helping them to participate in various contests of NEAR Ecosystem.

  3. Promotion in Instagram through collaborations with artists-microinfluencers from Belarus.

  4. Collaborations with clubs and bars to hold events.

  5. To stream it to NEAR Metaverse

in case of approval, kindly ask councils to create a new tag on forum #d-layer-dao