[introduction] COSMIA DAO

Cosmia is a project of female transformation, through the tools of literature and art.
It is an idea in the making that moves fluidly between words such as sisterhood, creation and healing. It is a path balanced between the individual and the collective, aiming at the creative and soulful expansion of the participants, as they rediscover and reimagine themselves and the world.

We chose the name Cosmia, to recall a feminine cosmos and the moths thus named, a symbol of adaptation, survival and transformation, nocturnal creatures that orient themselves with moonlight, considered by folklore to be the souls of fairies and witches.

Cosmia DAO is connected to a cultural association created by women for women, that runs a publishing house in real life and into NFT world, we aim to develop literature and the arts, and to promote women writers and artists in all creative fields.

Cosmia initial Circle:

mormostrix.near uncursed writer

@BarbaraTosti barbaratosti.near Human Citizen of Earth, identifying as Artist & Cosmic Adventurer, Space Diver, LedgerOnValidatedEmotions.

misspurplue.near stories and poetry hunter

stefaniagiudici.near harvesting images in the belly of cameras and to type.
Doing sub in tea.

Cosmia intent is to create, develop and participate in an international network of women who want to support each other in manifesting their talents.
Cosmia is interested in the study and research of art as therapy and therapy as art, of esoteric knowledge related to the feminine and the healing of relationships between women.
Cosmia also wants to experiment through digital tools and in the crypto environment, embracing the blockchain and open source philosophy.
Cosmia intends to expand in all the directions it feels are necessary to bring about a paradigm shift in our society especially when it comes to the ideas of abundance, well-being, time, sisterhood, sharing, decentralisation, redistribution, self-management and inspiration.

Expand the magic of narrative with Narrandomnia project
Narrandomnia is a term that combines Narration, Random and Omnia, we have chosen it as the name for this experiment in which we want to keep the narrative open, so that it can potentially evolve in every direction.
In every written story there remains a world that the author does not tell but that the reader imagines. We want to give voice to the worlds imagined by those who use the literary production, giving them the possibility of continuing the story with further writing, images, music or video.
By joining the project you donate a text (preferably accompanied by an English translation) that can be a complete work or just a fragment, as inspiration for other artists to produce a metatext of multimedia contributions. The process can also be carried out in reverse, starting with the multimedia to arrive at a new text.
These collaborations give rise to images, videos, music which can in turn be tokenized as NFT.

Shared fluid to-do list:

  • open call for logo
  • first narrandomnia call
  • call for writing
  • collab with incubadora DAO
  • publish Ossimoro sorridente
  • publish NFT book in collab with #cicatriciebaci
  • two more books almost ready

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website ita https://cosmia.org
website eng Cosmia – A women's creative project
mintbase https://www.mintbase.io/store/cosmia.mintbase1.near
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…to be continued


Nice one, how can I be part of this DAO

This is great @BarbaraTosti :partying_face:. I’ll be looking forward to the great productions and will share them with female friends.


thank you so much, sharing is of great help

oh, right!!! I forgot to add the link to the Telegram group, there where we chat and organize Telegram: Join Group Chat
there we can talk about the partecipation, because there are few way to be part of it, basically at the moment we just divided into circle (that is the council and need a deep participation) and everyone, that is a general group for now, as we grow we will start create specific section, such as: narrandomnia, writers, dreamers, …just an example cause we decided that each step will be made consequentially to what and wich people our energy calls :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: stay human, decentralized and magic!

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one option we opened to support the association are membership and small donation NFT that you can do through https://www.mintbase.io/store/cosmia.mintbase1.near

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Thanks for empower Woman and building on NEAR :star_struck:



the Narrandomnia store is up!!!
call for writings an logo call almost ready!!!


un articolo gentilmente redatto da Devotchka, qui la parte in italiano https://ladevochka.medium.com/un-viaggio-dentro-cosmia-il-collettivo-che-celebra-il-femminino-d5d32a3897e5

Riporto i link per entrambi gli articoli:

Versione italiana

Versione inglese

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