[INTRODUCTION] Artivist Guild / Artivist DAO

Guild Name: Artivist
Guild Leader: Carol Bampa
DAO: artivist.sputnik-dao.near
Council: @carolbampa @mhartenthal
Location: Global

Team member:

Hello Community :wave:t5: :slightly_smiling_face:

Meet the Artivist Guild, a collaborative environment for the project that wants to give NGOs access to the decentralized world, and also be an amplifier for artists and consumers who act for socio-environmental causes.

The Guild will serve as a laboratory of our DAO to achieve the best experience among stakeholders, so that we can translate their needs and desires into our dapp under construction.

Our goal, therefore, is to build the beta version of the Artivist Dapp, a tool that will give scale to our purposes, by early 2023.

Here is the planned schedule 2022/2023

  • March
    - Guild launch (check!)
    - DAO Register (check!)
    - DAO Register (check!)
    - Create social media channels (check!)
    - Create Mintbase Store

  • March/April - Build the prototype of the Artivist application

  • March to December - Seek more partnerships (survey and research of interested ngos ans artists) for dissemination or funding,

  • April - Choose an institution and an artist for the pilot project and user journey design

  • April/May/June - Apply usability tests, write user experience reports, analyze feedback and results,

  • June/July - Make adjustments based on the demands raised in the usability tests and implement design (UI)

  • July - adding features (functions) per each design

  • August/September - development based on NEAR and web3 integration

  • September/October - testing and deploying

  • July/August - Develop branding, concept, and brand design

  • From October to December - Develop and execute the launch plan

  • From October to December - Provide bureaucratic formalizations such as trademark registration, legal entity registration, and other institutional requirements.

  • January 2023 - Launch of Artivist Beta

We invite everyone who shares our ideas to join in our networks: :honeybee: :sunflower:


E-mail: artivist.dapp@gmail.com

The following is an overview of our project and our Milestones:

complete pdf

Thanks for your attention :slight_smile:


Whuoooll … wonderfull project
Congrats and sucess :raised_hands:t4:


Awesome, you are to be congratulated. Good luck on the walk. :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck: :heart_eyes:


amazing! I’ve been involved with lots of artvisms here in São Paulo, whenever it is possible I wil try to help you with my connections/experiences or however I can <3 much love<3


I am glad to be part of this project and it’s a great one for Activist.

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We have the idea of doing a pilot, more similar to the Chamada Artivista, during the research phase.
It would be an interesting time to exchange ideas :slight_smile:


Very cool idea and I am sure you will find a lot of creatives in here that could collaborate!


Hi everyone

Awesome news, great approach - I love it :slight_smile:
I am doing something similar; currently onboarding a lot of NGOs/NPOs onto the blockchain NEAR as well as on mintbase.

Would love to chat with you in a call. Maybe we can collaborate in some ways?

I would love to participate:



Awesome project! Very nice to see it getting off the ground! :rocket:

Really looking forward to see how it develops, I’m sure the team will build and do great things!
From my side I’ll help in any way I can ;).

Kudos to you and the rest of the team.


Super exciting!! Welcome to this great community of Creatives :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck:

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Looks like a great project!


Loved the presentation! Great job!


Hey, @klarakopi Congratulations on the launch of the artivist Guild.

QQ: Have you completed the guild registration at: Start a Guild on NEAR ?


I’m not part of the guild, I’m just appreciating their work :slight_smile:

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hey @carolbampa how are you? I’m going to edit your post, introducing a new tag that you guys can use from now on in all posts you will be doing.
This tag will help you organize the info and also will help the moderators to find your posts!



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Thank you, Juliana!
Sorry for the absence, I was solving personal issues…
Now I’m back :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for adding our tag!


Hi Simeon!
I did register the Guild at this link and then they guided me to post it here on the forum :slight_smile:

Joaquim, I really hope we continue together on this project!

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Claudia, I’m sure we’ll build many things together, our project has a lot in common! I’m glad :))