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Council members:

Greetings Creatives Community,

9INES (originally NINES - NEAR Integration Navigation and Education System) was among Dandelions and Honeybees DAO’s first projects (please view our NINES Project Proposal approved in April under the Dandelions and Honeybees DAO).

9INES came to fruition, because we recognized a need to streamline and systematize the NEAR experience for both new and existing users, so that they would be equipped to navigate and engage with the ecosystem to their fullest potential. However, 9INES quickly outgrew the scope of Dandelions and Honeybees DAO, and we established 9INES DAO to focus solely on systems building, outreach and user support.

We actively market and introduce NEAR to untapped creatives communities in the artistic, activist and youth-based tech fields. 9INES provides onboarding and DAO support, mentorship, individual and small group consulting, as well as access to a NEAR/web3 resource library (still in development). Members of the NEAR community are welcome and encouraged to reach out to us for support or to collaborate on projects- whether as artists, designers or developers.

About Our Team:
Anushka Baltes has a long history of working with various social and food justice organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area. She worked as a grant writer for Van Jone’s Ella Baker Center in the early 2000s, was one of the founding members of People’s Grocery, a pioneering food justice organization, and more recently was a Montessori teacher for the past six years, before the pandemic hit. She has decades long connections with the artist and activist movements of the Oakland Bay Area— the people who launched the Oakland renaissance and have significantly contributed to shaping it into the cultural mecca that it is today. Anushka has a systems mind and recognized that in order to introduce NEAR to her communities, it would be necessary to streamline and systematize the platform, so that creatives would be able to easily access the information and be channelled towards opportunities and collaborations on the platform that would benefit from their skill set, passion and networks. 9INES is the brainchild of Anushka and she in passionate and motivated to tap into her long standing community connections and expand 9INES’ reach!

Zakiya Harris, affectionately known as Sh8peshifter, is a woman charting her own path in life. A Cultural Architect, she has over two decades of experience working at the intersections of Art, Education and Spiritual Entrepreneurship. Zakiya is the co-founder of nationally recognized projects Impact Hub Oakland, The Black Permaculture Network, Hack the Hood and a Culture Bank West Oakland Fellow. Currently, she serves as the Business Navigator for ArtsWeb, a decentralized community that connects community-based artists with business service providers. Zakiya is a published author and intuitive life coach on a mission to midwife purpose driven women from stagnation to activation through creativity and wellness. As a successful performance artist, she has released two EP’s and is also the company member of Ase Dance Theater Collective and House Full of Black Women. Awards and recognitions include the Ella Baker Center Future Leaders Award and YBCA 100. In 2019, she traveled to Osogbo, Nigeria where she became initiated as a priest of Oya in the West African Spiritual tradition of Isese. In her spare time, you can find her near a body of water, reading Octavia Butler, cooking with her 16 year old daughter.

VaHeed is the owner and operator of Grandeur Restaurant Grandeur located in Oakland California, where they serve delicious vegan and halal dishes. In addition to his restaurant, VaHeed also offer service to the community by doing food giveaways, offers mentorship and youth boxing classes. VaHeed has strong community connections in the Oakland Bay Area and nationwide. He is looking to train youth to learn about web3 on the NEAR platform. His vision is to train young adults to teach their communities about web3. He recognizes NEAR as a powerful opportunity to tap into the intelligence and innovation of the younger generations of traditionally disenfranchised communities.


Hello @dandelionshoneybees =)

Happy to see another great DAO rising here. But Can you put on your introduction a little BIO from the council members? I think that is could give more power to your DAO and show to the community why this council is a good council to management this DAO.

Look this example:


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I can definitely do that. Thank you for that very helpful feedback and I’ll check out the example. I have a good team so far.
I appreciated it!!!


Greetings! I updated with the bios. Please, share any other constructive feedback. Thank you for your time!

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