Introducing "NEARWEEK State of the Art" a NEARWEEK x NIA collab

Some background: NEARWEEK got in touch with @chronear from the NIA in August to collaborate on growth and outreach initiatives for the NIA and NEARWEEK. We have held countless hours of brainstorming sessions and have come up with a lot of innovative ideas to boost NEARWEEK’s reach within the community. One of the many ideas we came up with was “NEARWEEK State of the Art”, which will be a dedicated newsletter curated especially to cater to the creative audience: the artists, gamers, NFT lovers and creative thinkers of the NEARverse!

The idea behind “State of the Art” is to increase the readership of NEARWEEK among the ever-expanding NFT and Web-3 gaming community while also making sure that the community has easier access to all the Gaming and NFT news/updates in one place - This creates a platform for swarming category specific projects. With the advent of play to earn games on NEAR, there will never be a better time than now to kickstart this initiative. We’re furthermore looking at broadening the audience by targeting non NEAR users interested in gaming.

Increasing subscribers and sustaining readership is the key to NEARWEEK’s growth and we believe that now it’s time to think outside the box and expand, to reach out to more people and broaden the horizons. Our aim is to make “NEARWEEK State of the Art” a one-stop shop for everyone looking for information, news, announcements and engagement opportunities within the art and gaming space in the NEAR ecosystem.

“State of the Art” will be a sister product of the NEARWEEK brand. It will have its own distinct identity and style while retaining the guiding principles, core idea and structural design from the regular NEARWEEK Weekly. In short, “State of the Art” will be published separately on a separate day and will be hyperlinked to the regular weekly for the corresponding week to allow readers to navigate through all the information much more efficiently.

NEARWEEK Weekly will continue to carry all the major headlines of all NFT and creative news but will be modified to incorporate hyperlink to the “State of the Art” newsletter for the readers who’re interested in the NFT niche.

Why is this so important? With a host of games on the horizon, it becomes super important to keep the community up to speed on all the news and info about play to earn opportunities in the NEARverse. With constant new NFT drops and artwork being created at an unprecedented pace, it becomes absolutely necessary to keep the community informed about all artistic and creative projects sprouting up within the ecosystem. Since NEARWEEK has always been at the forefront of news delivery to the community it becomes a duty for us to keep the community on top of all things. We have seen @illia taking great interest in the NEAR games chat and believe this will be NEARWEEK’s contribution to building a loyal and educated gaming community in the NEARverse.

Human Guild (@sashahudzilin @vgrichina) and Creative DAO are bootstrapping and pushing out ground-breaking projects and community-led initiatives and NEARWEEK can help boost their efforts by giving them the exposure they deserve. All the art, NFT and gaming Guilds will have a platform to showcase their products and reach out to a large audience by way of NEARWEEK features. This is a non-zero sum game where NEARWEEK benefits equally by way of increased readership and footprint expansion while the creative projects benefit from the dedicated NEARWEEK followers and subscribers.

For the Games and NFTs, NEARWEEK State of Art subscribers can also act as a large focus group. We will send out surveys, testing opportunities, and many other engagement activities to get the community involved in building better Web-3 games and artistic content. The possibilities and opportunities with such an initiative are endless and that’s why we are excited to launch it. With the inventive and avant-garde outreach strategies of the NIA and the months of experience and domain expertise of NEARWEEK, this will be a partnership that adds great value to the overall experience of everyday residents of the NEARverse.

We plan on rolling out a series of products for the community and “State of the Art” is just the first one. In the process, we will collaborate with every creative contributor in the NEARverse, from Guilds to individuals. We are seeking active partnerships across the entire ecosystem.


Excited about this partnership, there’s more to come!


This is an innovative direction that NEARWEEK is taking, and I’m looking forward to this collaboration between NIA and NEARWEEK to grow the numbers


It is great and pleasure to be part of this.