Introducing Culinary DAO



Food is more than the fuel for the body’s survival. It is a message to the soul’, it is art, it is beauty… it is poetry. Food is Love. Love is Near, Food is Near.

“Cooking is like love: it should be entered into with abandon, or not all”

  • Harriet Vorne Horne

" A recipe has no soul. It is you, as the chef, that must bring soul to the recipe".

  • Thomas Keller

“Wine is bottled poetry”

  • Robert Louis Stevenson

It is on this note that, with great pleasure, I introduce the Culinary DAO.

The goals of the DAO include:

  • To expand the Near Ecosystem to reach those who express their creativity through food and drink.
  • Minting of food and drinks related NFTs.
  • Using culinary activities as an onboarding tool.
  • Sponsoring of culinary related projects.
  • Prioritizing the onboarding of Food Scientists, Nutritionist, Chefs, Food Lovers etc.
  • Identifying and onboarding of Talents who would use Blockchain technology to build Food and Drinks related solutions on Near.
  • Community services.

Proposed Activities Of The Culinary DAO

  • “Can You Cook?”
    This is a cooking competition where participants will submit entries of themselves cooking their favorite recipes. Prizes will be awarded. The aim of the competition is to create more awareness and engagement amongst people who love to cook.
  • Interviewing a Nutritionist. Here, the nutritionist will provide insight into “backstories” of drinks and foods we eat, the nutrients they pack, the calories they bestow, who should eat them and why, etc. This interview will be minted as NFT.
  • Setting up our social media platforms and building a community on telegram.

*Share your recipe:
Participants will be asked to share recipes they don’t mind disclosing. These recipes must be original or an ingenious tweak of a popular one.

*Food and Drink Tourism
Here, we will showcase indigenous foods and drinks of certain cultures.

  • Setting up our store on Mintbase.
    We will create many NFT memorabilia as reminders of major milestone achievement, special recipes and generally awesome food and drinks moments. We will set up our Mintbase store to hold these digital memories for keepsakes and sales.
  • Starting a food show.

We will host a fine food and drinks show to be aired on the Metaverse, YouTube, etc.

  • Onboarding events for Chefs from all walks of life.
  • Restaurant features
  • Wine Talk.

Let us bring Food Near!


coool !!
exited to participate and to invite people to your activities, it’s awesome :slight_smile:



What a delight :heart_eyes::heart:

We’re going to make so much “foo-gic” - food magic​:magic_wand::magic_wand: together.

I’m excited! Bring everybody! :hugs::hugs::heart::heart:


Hey @FabDab , very cool project and thanks for the introduction!
This looks like it might align well with the Community DAO, however, so I’m going to tag them here to comment on it @Community-Squad @CommunityDAO


Thank you very much.


Hello! I will like to connect you partners with a group of developers from Near University, they are going to launch soon a dapp related to food recipes



Thanks so much @FritzWorm for bringing this to my notice. I definitely see us doing great things together :blush::dancer::dancer:

add Beer talk too <3

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For the love of beer​:beers::beers:

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