Introducing ArtDAO

DAO Name: ArtDAO

DAO Leaders: @carrapatoso @NatLoyola

Astro-DAO Address: Astro [updated]

DAO Location: Global

DAO Communication Channels:

  • Telegram: TBD


Recently, the art world was caught by surprise by the popularity – and, of course, the value – of NFT digital artworks. Not only the art world turned their eyes to what technology could bring, but also the whole society. What was in the headlines, however, was – and it still is – the speculation around NFT assets. Little is said about the technology and what it can provide to society.

What more can blockchain technology provide to art institutions?

The goal of this DAO is to discuss with art institutions other ways besides NFTs – but including it – blockchains can support and even improve their activities.

How DAOs can help shape artist owned museums or galleries? How cryptocurrencies can support international working between artists and institutions? How to guarantee a common understanding in the art world considering the uniqueness of local reality?

What is the DAO for?

  • Democratize the access to art and technology through seminars, consultancy, research, and working closely with art and cultural institutions
  • Help cultural and art institutions to access the necessary tools and think critically about web3 and what blockchain can provide
  • Create a collaborative working environment to increase professionals engagement
  • Develop interdisciplinary projects between the community and art institutions
  • Research the current use of technology in the art institutions
  • Map potential bottlenecks in the current institutions activities and identify possible on-chain solutions
  • Produce academic knowledge (eg articles) about art and technology and possible intersections between blockchain and the cultural sector


  • map cultural and art institutions willing to do projects on-chain
  • develop a internal analysis of how the institution currently work with technologies (if any)
  • identify possible needs, desires, and bottlenecks that could be addressed by blockchain technology
  • elaborate case studies for and based in each institution

DAO verticals:

1. Mapping
Through online and physical research, map the current use of technology in institutions and how crypto could improve their current daily activities. Most of the art institutions, even though are willing to explore new technologies, are unaware of the necessary steps and what is needed to explore new things.

2. Research
Produce knowledge (eg articles) about crypto in the art sector to expand the reach of our activities. Art institutions look for academic references to justify changes in their structures or new approaches in their practice. The researches and articles produced are a way to solidify the engagement of the institutions.

Roadmap: [updated]


  • Creation of the DAO in Astro DAO
  • Visual identity and site development
  • Map 10 institutions for a deep dive interview in how technology is applied in their activities
  • Develop a research/questionnaire to be applied internationally (EMEA, NA, APAC, LATAM, MENA, SSA)


  • Make the interviews with 10 selected institutions
  • Launch and disclose the questionnaire internationally
  • Onboard network development specialists to guarantee institutions replies in all regions
  • Hire a research consultancy to deep dive the results
  • Analyze the data and publish the results in academic journals and newspapers


  • Based on the data collected, develop a methodology of how to interact and help art institutions.
  • Make an open call for articles about art and technology involving web3 and crypto
  • Apply the methodology in selected institutions (pilot v.2) to make sure it can be applied in different contexts
  • Create social channels to interact with museums interested in the topics and that want to share experiences with other institutions


  • Launch an online and/or physical publication with the articles sent to the open call
  • Finish and close the methodology (v.3)
  • Open call for dApps focusing in art institutions


  • Select the best dApps proposals and award them with a grant
  • Open a new open call for articles


  • Launch of sponsored dApps
  • Launch an online and/or physical publication with the articles sent to the open call

Next steps:

  • Create the DAO in Astro
  • Bounty for a visual identity
  • Find and collaborate with a pilot institution (TBD)
  • Submit project proposal

Long term goals:

  • Increase the projects of the art sector in the multiverse and on-chain
  • Develop workshops and conferences to share cases and knowledge
  • Be a reference in discussions about art and technology
  • Create a active and reflexive community about art and technology

Congratxxxs! @NatLoyola and @carrapatoso amazing project!


Tks, @dani … We are excited! :smiley:

Good afternoon, Karapatoso!
Could you explain why you are opening another DAO, given that you already have one, namely TIBIRA DAO, and according to the latter, the result of the work is not visible at the moment!
How are you going to combine work for two DAOs!?
Thank you, with respect, Igor!

Introducing Tibira DAO - Ecosystem - NEAR Forum

[Proposal] Janta @ Coral Coletivo - Q1 2022 - Marketing / MarketingDAO - NEAR Forum

I ask the Consuls of Near Marketing & NF to pay attention and express your opinion on these issues!

Sincerely, Igor

@Grace, @mecsbecs, @jlwaugh , @David_NEAR , @Maiker , @FritzWorm , @satojandro, @cryptocredit , @Dacha, @jcatnear

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Hey @NearCommunity!

Sure. The second DAO is together with @NatLoyola, a person who is working already with CreativesDAO. We will share our efforts and divide our tasks according to our availability. It is the same task organization of a person being part of a DAO and more than one council.

Let me know if you have more questions.


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Hey @carrapatoso !

you and her participate in other DAOs, but I do not see work and results, most likely this is because you do not have enough time to concentrate on one project and make maximum efforts in its development! Therefore, I ask these questions, because trying to cover different projects, in the end, none of your projects gave any result! In particular, I am interested in the TIBIRA LGBTQ project … what has already been done in a month? I personally do not see the result, and if there is one, I would like to get acquainted with it!
Sincerely, Igor!

Hey @NearCommunity!

Not sure where you got these conclusions, but they are not true. As you can follow here in the Forum, I am still waiting the @marketingdao-council feedback to approve or not the proposals made. Based on this and according to the weekly meeting of @creativesdao-council that I attended to explain the DAO, ArtDAO is based in research and mapping. We are still developing the methodology to apply in the institutions. Not sure what kind of results are you expecting.



Exactly this project, have you done at least something from what is presented in your proposal on the forum? I cannot understand what kind of approval we are talking about, we have a decentralized community, and everyone is involved in the development of the ecosystem!


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Hey @NearCommunity.

The proposal is attached to results. My activity in the LGBTQIA+ community is not. So if the proposal is not approved, I am afraid that you will not see the results that you are expecting.

And as you can see, this is not the post of this proposal and it looks like flood to me. Again, escalating the issue @Grace @David_NEAR @jlwaugh



Thanks for the answer!

Sincerely, Igor

Hello @carrapatoso and @NearCommunity!

I see that this ‘issue’ has spilled from Inappropriate content in LGBTQIA+ NEAR channels - #29 by NearCommunity, and that is not fruitful for the larger community. If there are still things to solve on that matter, why not continue discussing on that topic? [note: I don’t agree with suspending members, that stops them from voicing their opinion).

First of all I want to clarify and I don’t wish to support one in detriment of the other. I wish to calmly ask that issues about the ‘lgbtqia near channels’ remains in that specific topic, and that this topic is used to discuss ArtDAO.

That way, the community can grow with the back in forth about ideas, and everyone can voice what they want about the topic at hand.



Hey @frnvpr! Agreed!

So does harassment. :wink:

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also agree, so various strategies have to be found. Hope everyone can solve their issues.

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Amazing proposal :star_struck:

Thank you for sharing with our ecosystem of communities!

Would love to see more discussion about specifics of this detailed proposal, and I can’t wait to read the next one. I’m positive there must be some ways to collaborate. @NatLoyola is awesome ~ check this out:

Question: what did you mean by this long-term goal?

Any particular workshops and conferences you plan to develop? I’m curious to learn which art institutions you are hoping to support and why.

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This is extremely inapropriate.

It is common to make jokes about discussions between LGBTQIA+ people as a way to despise and desdain the major issue. Historically, as they are considered marginalized from society, people (especially cis and heteronormative men) feel comfortable to make jokes and consider it a “love affair”, an “unresolved sexual attraction”. Harassment is not fun and it is not something to make jokes about. It is not a joke and you, as council member, should take these things seriously.

It surprises me that this kind of behaviour is tolerated and even liked by other community members.

This post is to discuss ArtDAO and not any other issues.


The post you’re referring to has been removed. Thanks for reporting.

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but I liked it, it’s cool!) It’s good when people participate in the life of the community, even through pictures, besides, this picture costs money)))

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Unless issues are indeed solved by talking to those involved and addressing the original issues, the discussion will continue spilling from one topic into another. Imo, ignoring the issue will not help solve it. @carrapatoso and @NearCommunity have an important issue to solve, and it wont go away by pretending it does not exist. I urge the community to solve it in the appropriate topic.


Also, it might be a good idea to create a copy of this exact same introductory topic, and de-list this one. We want members of the community to have access to the content, and not be lost in the secondary and out of place discussions.

Would that be a reasonable thing to do, @carrapatoso @David_NEAR ?



Nobody is ignoring anything, all the threads are being monitored.