Introducing ArtDAO

Hey @NearCommunity.

The proposal is attached to results. My activity in the LGBTQIA+ community is not. So if the proposal is not approved, I am afraid that you will not see the results that you are expecting.

And as you can see, this is not the post of this proposal and it looks like flood to me. Again, escalating the issue @Grace @David_NEAR @jlwaugh



Thanks for the answer!

Sincerely, Igor

Hello @carrapatoso and @NearCommunity!

I see that this ‘issue’ has spilled from Inappropriate content in LGBTQIA+ NEAR channels - #29 by NearCommunity, and that is not fruitful for the larger community. If there are still things to solve on that matter, why not continue discussing on that topic? [note: I don’t agree with suspending members, that stops them from voicing their opinion).

First of all I want to clarify and I don’t wish to support one in detriment of the other. I wish to calmly ask that issues about the ‘lgbtqia near channels’ remains in that specific topic, and that this topic is used to discuss ArtDAO.

That way, the community can grow with the back in forth about ideas, and everyone can voice what they want about the topic at hand.



Hey @frnvpr! Agreed!

So does harassment. :wink:

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also agree, so various strategies have to be found. Hope everyone can solve their issues.

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Amazing proposal :star_struck:

Thank you for sharing with our ecosystem of communities!

Would love to see more discussion about specifics of this detailed proposal, and I can’t wait to read the next one. I’m positive there must be some ways to collaborate. @NatLoyola is awesome ~ check this out:

Question: what did you mean by this long-term goal?

Any particular workshops and conferences you plan to develop? I’m curious to learn which art institutions you are hoping to support and why.

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This is extremely inapropriate.

It is common to make jokes about discussions between LGBTQIA+ people as a way to despise and desdain the major issue. Historically, as they are considered marginalized from society, people (especially cis and heteronormative men) feel comfortable to make jokes and consider it a “love affair”, an “unresolved sexual attraction”. Harassment is not fun and it is not something to make jokes about. It is not a joke and you, as council member, should take these things seriously.

It surprises me that this kind of behaviour is tolerated and even liked by other community members.

This post is to discuss ArtDAO and not any other issues.


The post you’re referring to has been removed. Thanks for reporting.

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but I liked it, it’s cool!) It’s good when people participate in the life of the community, even through pictures, besides, this picture costs money)))

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Unless issues are indeed solved by talking to those involved and addressing the original issues, the discussion will continue spilling from one topic into another. Imo, ignoring the issue will not help solve it. @carrapatoso and @NearCommunity have an important issue to solve, and it wont go away by pretending it does not exist. I urge the community to solve it in the appropriate topic.


Also, it might be a good idea to create a copy of this exact same introductory topic, and de-list this one. We want members of the community to have access to the content, and not be lost in the secondary and out of place discussions.

Would that be a reasonable thing to do, @carrapatoso @David_NEAR ?



Nobody is ignoring anything, all the threads are being monitored.


That works, happy to help facilitate that if it’s how you guys want to proceed


Will wait on @carrapatoso 's response.


Sorry, but I am against it.


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Why not? I am an open, friendly and fair, there is nothing to hide, I am ready for any kind of discussion, even behind a chessboard :slight_smile: If I need, always with you next to you!
Thanks for the offer
The best way to change the situation, start changing it!)
:upside_down_face: :v:

Because I prefer to keep the history of the conversation as it was.


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Hey, @jlwaugh! Happy New year!

First, I’d like to apologize for the delay in responding. Thank you very much for the excitement about the first Vergo Index seminar proposal. I am also very excited and have many ideas and plans for the future. One of them is ART DAO with @carrapatoso , who is an amazing friend and professional with experience in working with art and technology.

Answering the great questions:

1- Long term goals.
When we facilitate and create bridges between the art and tech sectors, we are in constant development of a culture around tech that wasn’t initially there. In doing so, the museums and cultural institutions feel more comfortable to explore new methods of creating their artistic work, such as exploring the metaverse and doing projects using blockchain. One good example is a Brazilian institution, Museu de Arte Moderna de São Paulo, which recreated their site and activities in Minecraft. (mam no minecraft | MAM) After their internal restructuring and the definition of new priorities – and tech was on the top list --, they expanded their activities not only to their physical space, but also to the metaverse. After this step, to insert blockchain in the process is extremely easy.

2- Which institutions and why?
To develop a pilot and our methodology, in this first phase we will work with museums located in Lisbon, Portugal, as we both are based here. Our initial plan is to work with max 3 institutions, with different typologies (eg paintings, sculptures, contemporary, memorabilia, etc), so we can have a diversified data collection for the pilot.

In a second phase, we will anonymize the data collected for the pilot and check the common points to structure what will be our official methodology.

In the third phase, we will be able to apply the methodology around the globe.

The museums will be our main focus as they are the ones to be more conservative in the use of technology, but at the same time they are the ones responsible to the knowledge production in the art sector. In this way, at the same time that we are having a hands-on experience with the museum, we are guarenting the content and research production (one of our DAO’s verticals)

3- Workshops and conferences
Yes, these activities are also contemplated in the process. However, we want to tailor them together with the museums. We believe that we can’t go to a conservative institution with a ready-to-apply package (eg toolkit) without considering their interests and topics to develop. So the workshops and conferences will be developed based on their desires and inputs.

It was great to be able to clarify more about Art DAO based on the questions raised in the forum. Thank you! :smiley:


Just a quick update that we are working in our first research and soon will post our next steps and rodamap. Tks!

Roadmap and AstroDAO address added!

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