[Internal] IRL NFT Sponsorship

We’re sponsoring IRL NFT event in London on 30/03. This is an event organised by Ethereal Collective - https://etherealcollective.io/ - and ZEBU Digital - https://www.zebudigital.com/.

Description of the event:

"Featured speakers like Stani Kulechov of Aave, and artists from Mo Tuncay (Paschamo), Paul Kenton and more. This diverse group of speakers will highlight the biggest trends in NFTs at the moment and share how they’re contributing to this revolution in art, sports, music, culture, and society.

The most exciting part of the event will be the NFT exhibition featuring over 40 projects and artists. This Decentralized Art Gallery by Ethereal Collective will feature World of Women NFT, Doge Pound NFT, NEAR Future and many more.

There will also be physical pieces connected to a digital NFT that you will be able to bid with works commissioned by Paul Kenton, a UK-based contemporary artist, and the Graffiti Kings London-based artist Darren Cullen."

~400 IRL attendees at the event
Exposure to key players in the space

2 x Social Media promo
Logo on banners, website & promotional material
Pre-conference Interview / Twitter spaces
Keynote speech at the event
Mintbase area with NFT/ VR experience in the venue
2 custom-made banners
Tickets to share with the community

Sponsorship deck - DocSend

Total = 2500 GBP = ~293NEAR

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the person who is applying for payout should consider the change in price of NEAR.

right now 1N = 12,31GBP

2500GBP = 203,068N

@marianeu / @reginamintbase
As per the new payout system there is no need for a NEAR value. Everything is calculated in USD and sent to NEAR foundation, who will deal with the conversion on receipt of the proposal once it’s been approved and past all requirements.

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