[INSTRUCTION] Create An Invoice After Signing Community-Rewards Agreement

Dear community,

With the new updates in community payout process, I realized that DAOs/representatives of DAOs need to create an invoice to complete the Community-Rewards Agreement to receive your fund. After finishing the process and receiving payout, I noticed there’s some slight difference between the instructions sent by NF and the actual UX on the website. So this is to help the community finish the process easier, step-by-step.

  1. After signing the Community - Reward Agreement, you’ll then receive an email with this instruction:

  1. Click on the link, sign up for an account on request.network

  2. Create your invoice by clicking in either the button: “New Invoice” or “Create your first invoice” (If you’re doing for the first time)

  1. Set up client information:

=> set address as: invoices@near.foundation => Click “Create client”

    • Set Invoice currency (labeling) as USD | How do you want to get paid? as Fiat (USD)

  1. Choose “Bank transfer”, click “add a new bank account”

  2. Enter your NEAR wallet in the field “Add a name for your bank account” (The second field is optional but we need to fill something to Save Bank Account so I just put it as “Bank”) => click on Save Bank Account

  3. Enter brief description about your project in the field “Description” and the unit price as the agreed amount of X USD in your Rewards Agreement

For the description, I copied the information at the end of the Rewards agreement (the document that we sign on) to make sure the information is synchronized and NF could understand it easier

So I copied the last line (in the picture) to put on Description and it works

  1. In the Memo, make sure you in put the wording that NF sent you in the email

In the email

Copy that and put in the invoice form

  1. Done! Click on Create & Send

Note: This is not an official instructions by Near Foundation or any NEAR Staff, the post is made by me as a community member & Creatives DAO Moderator. I hope this can help DAOs to receive your fund in a smooth way & any feedbacks or contribution is welcomed!



Good job on the update brother.


Thanks William for the guide! :hugs:


Thanks for that! I have a question regarding these invoices. The people that have been KYC’ed are the ones creating the invoices for their DAO. Previously the funds would go in my wallet and then I would transfer them to the DAO. If I now make an invoice that is paid to me, it will look like I just got paid this money. This will not look good tax-wise at all. Can we not send the invoice from the DAO instead of personally?


this is just a suggestion, I think it will be easier if you make a video tutorial and share the tutorial video to the community, it will be easier for people to run it. Thanks for the information, keep it up bro! :pray:t3:


As far as I know DAOs need to be legal wrapped to receive fund directly. Right now it is advised as follow:


Hi @Wiswiz, thank you for the suggestion. It’s a good call actually, sorry I just feel like I’m more confident in written English than spoken haha :star_struck: Hope you find it useful btw.


Ok bro :grin: keep the spirit, let’s keep and strengthen our ecosystem, respect for all the Creatives DAO who have worked hard, one love :coffee:

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Hi @williamx !
Thanks for the amazing UX step-by-step information !
i didn’t receive any email for Reward Agreement. It´s normal ?
Have a nice week ! :slight_smile:

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Yes I believe that you’ll receive it, just a matter of time. So please be patient knowing that requests are being addressed orderly.


Thanks, @williamx ! :hugs:

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this helps a lot!! thank you :heart:

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This is valuable, Thanks for sharing!

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William x, thanks for the info and support!
we have tried to fill in the community reward form, but it keeps showing up as - unknown error occurred ?

could you advise us on how to resolve so that we can submit our plan propoerly?

thank again for all of your help!

This is to create an invoice after the Community Reward Agreement is signed. May I know what form are you struggling with?

thanks for the quick response, William x
I have tried to fill up this form


but could not complete

Make sure you fill every required field (the one that has * sign), especially the address fields:

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gotcha, thanks so much!! :slight_smile:

yay, it worked, thanks so much

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