Inappropriate content in LGBTQIA+ NEAR channels

The same as @jlwaugh said. Thanks @carrapatoso for your seriousness and respect in dealing with this situation.

That social media are not NEAR official channels, we will try our best to fix this situation as soon as possible.


Thanks for the promptly help, @jlwaugh and @Benz_Near. Let me know if I can help somehow.


Kindly, please specify where exactly did you find the insults and counterproductiveness? Do you support homophobia?

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What exactly does this organization do? is it an internal police body?

Probably, it’s kind of Google translation issues (Ru->En->Ru). Not sure that “near community” wanted insult somebody.

Yes, sorry for delay. I’m only one of six councils in Marketing DAO. 3 of them are NF people as you know . I review all proposals as soon as they published here. I definitely understand @carrapatoso .


Hey @Dacha. Just to clarify, I am not angry for the delay in my proposals as @jlwaugh clarified the motives in an email thread. I am still up with the complain as I believe this content goes against the community itself. Tks!

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In order to start promoting the LGBTQ community with the NEAR protocol, do you need DAO marketing approval, money to open this DAO? But what can you personally offer to the community other than asking for money without doing absolutely nothing for the community as a whole? Why was your DAO paid for by the marketing NF and not by you at your own expense? You say that you care about the protocol near !!! Please answer at least one of the direct questions posed both in this thread and in others !!! thanks!

And by the way, I personally represent this society as you do, and I believe that I am doing everything right. Or do you think that I am not a part of this community?

As you , I unsuccessfully “fought” with unacceptable content here when children eats toilet paper.

What’s happened? The guild got another one 20k grant for memes . Lol :joy:

Unfortunately, I don’t know what kind of content in LGBT group.


My content is absolutely open, I have not seen more than one screen from my social networks where there would be something offensive and pornographic, but accusations of this sound regularly today !!!

Ok, thank You and sorry for delay . I do my best :wave:

I agree @carrapatoso
imo those content are not appropriate
please listen to community and consider their ideas.

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you may represent ‘your’ community but not ‘Near Community’

i don’t think you have rights to use the title ‘Near Community’ here not on Twitter or any other socials
imho if this title you currently use ‘Near Community’ is intended for ‘Near Protocol Communities’ that should be also changed
(you may want to build another community around Near but the title ‘Near Community’ is too wide comprehensive which shouldn’t be owned by a single guild/community)


Then you need to express it not only to me but also this social platform! Thank you, I will think about your point of view and will additionally answer!

Near (@Near) / Твиттер (

come on, are you serious? :sweat_smile: , do they have anything to do with Near Protocol ?
I don’t think so.

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What have I got to do with it? I do not receive funding from NEAR PROTOCOL and do not enter into any contracts, I am just an investor and enthusiast! We have a Decentralized community as far as I know;)


If you don’t receive funding from NEAR, it should be easy for you to change the name Sir.
I don’t understand why that’s hard for you.

Good day!
Am I requesting funding? Everything I do, from creating my own store on mintbase to maintaining a Twitter account, I do at my own expense, because I believe that everyone should contribute (at their own expense) to the development of NEAR PROTOCOL and the ecosystem, rather than to promise, what to do and wait for Marketing DAO to allocate funds for projects! as the Russian proverb says “You can’t catch fish from a pond without difficulty” or “You can’t get to heaven at someone else’s expense” !!!
Sincerely, Igor

I’m making this topic unlisted as it’s failing to add value to the NEAR Community.

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Thank you David! This is super, the topic actually only raises bridges, and this is not what we are striving for! Thank you!!!

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