[Ideation] Social tokens for the EdTech Domain

Social Tokens for EduTech Content Creators

This idea is for educational content creators in the space of technology - to incentivize them to create content as well as interact with the community using their own social tokens.

Social tokens can act as a powerful tool to bridge the gap between the content creators in the space of technology across the globe and their audience. As we are moving towards a world where global collaboration is inevitable, it would be interesting to see the content creators leverage the social tokens to interact with the community and understand what kind of content would be most beneficial to create - both for the creator and the community.

I am a content creator myself and I have my own YouTube channel, as well as use social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Discord, etc. to interact with the community but I have always wondered if there was a better way to do this. This is where I visualize Social Tokens coming into the picture.

Here are some example use cases of social tokens:

  • Each content creator can create their social tokens on my proposed platform and set the utility got it
  • Example utilities could involve “access to exclusive content”, “ability to suggest/vote on newer content”, “ability to have a 1 on 1 meeting with a content creator”, “getting influencers to build a video/content for your organization” etc.
  • Having a vote in the governance process

This idea can also be expanded to have a mentor-mentee program structure for token holders. Those who hold a particular mentor social token can request a 1-1 time with them every week/month to learn, interact about technical/non-technical topics of their interest, pick the mentor’s brain for advice/career discussions, etc.

My vision for this project involves giving an opportunity to underrepresented members of our community as I have been in the diversity and inclusion space and I am quite disappointed that the content creation/technical influencer/ developer evangelist space is quite biased and not all members of the community get an opportunity to represent themselves or share their work with the larger audience.

Would be sharing more details in my presentations and videos as well. Looking forward to building on this idea.

Presentation: Social Tokens: Education Technology - Google Slides
Video: https://youtu.be/nCtSJ2zBaBo



Very worthwhile idea @gyan0890! As you build, please refer back to the Design Challenges and Bounty Criteria (here: [GUIDE] Hackathon Design Challenges + Bounty Criteria - Social Tokens DAO), so you can respond to those prompts as well.

Thank you for the references @enidavis. Will check the guide and incorporate some of the thoughts while building.