[Ideation] NearPlace

Project title: NearPlace
One-liner: The NEAR powered internet workplace.
Project DAO: nearplace.sputnikdao.near
Challenge area or bounty: “Experiment with PolicyKit and the Metagov Prototype” and/or “Decentralized governance through the use of NEAR”

Project members

  • Igor Froehner (igorfroehner.near)

  • Fernanda Silveira (silveira.near)

Project summary

The NEAR powered internet workplace.
Pay me to do a little task!

Basicaly, the ideia is for you to give some quantity in NEAR for a determined action.
You might need help with a line of code. The world is full of people and they are full of ideas.
Time is money! So why not save some time by simply asking someone to think for you in some basic task you might need help on.
NEAR is your answer.
You get the option, give your time for free or exchange it with real NEAR!

And what’s better?
You are contributing for a new organization of a workplace on the internet.

Well, then how it works?

As an example you can offer 1 NEAR for a task submission on you profile, the answer you are looking for is the one that gets the payment.
Big companies can get large amounts of ideas and give fast solutions to lots of problems.
Can help people helping others and connecting with people that need problem solvings.
It kind of works as a forum where you can help others, with the difference that you get paid for your help.
Make a profile with your personal data, and start commenting solutions for anyone in the world.
If the solution is the perfect one needed for the system, or if you have a tip that it’s exactly what is needed, then you get the payment.
The comments will be listed by score. The best scores gets the firsts looks and than the others.

At the end of the day, you can get a score of good problem solver and get private tasks, with no limits.
The NEAR internet workplace is a new chance to connect the world of coding and programming.

As a addition it can work as a freelancer platform powered by the NEAR platform, if the task that you are asking for is as big as a project, you can ask for a freelancer for this project.
So these platform can work as a DAO, and the council decide which proposal will be chosen.

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This sounds very similar to what http://nearcrowd.com is doing

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Interesting idea! :slight_smile:

If this is a hackathon Ideation, could I please ask that you submit it into the appropriate subcategory (or you can let me know where you meant to post it and I can move it)? I am assuming the “createbase” subcategory is incorrect though (createbase does not have any hackathon bounties available for the ideation/presentation/video demo/github submission tasks.

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yeah it’s true I commit a mistake on the subcategory, sorry

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No worries at all :slight_smile:, just making sure it finds its home. (so that you can get the votes needed by the council of the DAO voting on your proposal :ok_hand:t4:.)