[Ideation] MONOGRAMA INITIATIVE - Crypto Art NFTs 4 Social Impact -

MONOGRAMA INITIATIVE - Crypto Art NFTs 4 Social Impact

By: Hervé Delhumeau - Founder @ MONOGRAMA

MONOGRAMA Initiative comes to life after observing the evolution of human behavior in relation to Digital and NFT/Defi ecosystems in the last 3 years. Each of them has been transforming itself at a very fast path showing us the good, the bad and the ugly!!!


Historically, human beings have been looking after their identification and the status it could bring to them. Most of these attributes have been tangible and quantitative, (House, Diploma, Luxury, Scarcity between others…) Over many years these ¨things¨ started to become kitsch and kind of obsolete but the pandemic effect started to accelerate digitalization at a rate equivalent to 1 Year / Month. People adapted and massively started to value their free time, friends and other kinds of values…

Today more and more people feel the need to build their digital identity and footprint. SEO, Social Networks, Public Papers, Avatars, Branding became massive tools to help people to identify themselves between others. One of the biggest challenges has been to build identity in many ways.

Digital Footprint started to work but top of mind is still heavily related with admiration/inspiration for scarcity & market valuation. None of these digital IDs include a dimension related with personal values.


MONOGRAMA Initiative has been designed to fill this gap. Soon most of us will be looking to build our identity based on other kinds of values such as Ethics, Social Impact Engagement, Humanitarian and Environmental Causes, added to something visually unique that could represent us.


MONOGRAMA is building one of the most disruptive, diverse, and inclusive non-profit global fintech, aiming to onboard high caliber members from countries across the world. Our members will include leaders from the entire spectrum of the Crypto Art, Digital Finance, Consumers, and Innovation Ecosystems: Artists, Collectors, NFT Market Places, DAO Regulators, Multilateral Agencies, NGOs, Fintech Companies and Blockchain Foundations.

Our goal is to create a balanced, objective platform for deepening the Crypto Art and Fintech ecosystems, building global bridges, fostering cutting edge thought leadership and enabling global knowledge sharing for Social Impact and Inclusion.



To be the world’s most diverse and inclusive Crypto Art (NFTs) - Fintech – Blockchain community platform, to enable knowledge sharing, stakeholder engagement and community building 4 Social Impact and Inclusion.


To engage with Art, Collectors, Fintech ecosystem stakeholders and relevant NGOs to help facilitate social, financial and digital inclusion though MONOGRAMA DAO Treasury Found.

Key Pillars for Organic Growth:

Content (NFTs, knowledge sharing, social action on the field)

Community: Connections, communication, networking

Cooperation and collaboration

Causes: leverage Art & Technology 4 Social Impact and Inclusion


The main idea is that Artists start mint their own MONOGRAMS (A B C D E based on the letters of their name). Artists will be free to express their art and the letter they feel comfortable when they want. Once minted, these Crypto Art Monograms will be transferred to MONOGRAMA accounts (SR/RArible/Opensea/Mintbase….) to be sold to the best offeror. There is no auction and the final sales price is decided by the artist.


All sales will be handled under the following business model:

  • 51% to the Artist
  • 30% to MONOGRAMA Social Treasury Fund Wallet. The community will decide the project to support financially once a month
  • 19% to MONOGRAMA Wallet for OPEX


1 Social Token (MGRM) will be minted each time an NFT is minted or sold. Tokens Owners will have access to DAO MONOGRAM DISCORD Channel to bring and vote on the project that will be supported financially once a month. Depending on the intrinsic value the community can give to MGRM we will be able to create pairs for liquidity pools. The cause might be brought by NGOs, the community, or the artist himself and will be part of the cause to be voted on (School, Health & Food Program, Security….)


Please find the ideation and BM Flow Chart in Attach :

Happy to get contacted by anyone who wants to join the MONOGRAMA Initiative. There is a place for anyone who can bring his/her expertise in Dev, Integration, Content Generation, Design, Community Management, Marketing, Crypto Art, Human Rights, Legal and Decentralized Finance.

MONOGRAMA Twitter Channel
MONOGRAMA Channel on SuperRare


Hi, I share your goals! Lets collaborate :smiley:


Hi Shambhala -
Thank you very much for your answer. Please let me know when you would like to talk. I will be @ ¨I need a Teem¨table in Airmeet https://www.airmeet.com/event/de5a63d0-a1f4-11eb-abd7-f5ba22c554bf for the next hours. Looking forward to your return. Best regards, Hervé


Thx @MONOGRAMA ! You should take a look at Imogen Heap’s Creative Passport (originally conceived as Mycelia), as she’s been working on artist digital identity for years. I think she ended up abandoning blockchain w/i her platform for the first release, but I know it’s in the roadmap.

Your project is a big one, and could also apply to NFT Onboarding - will be curious to see what you decide to focus on as you build. Make sure you submit a payout proposal to the DAO here (https://www.sputnik.fund/dao/social-tokens.sputnikdao.near/proposals/?#/dao/social-tokens.sputnikdao.near) so we can reward your ideation!

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Ok Eni, I Am submitting the proposal now

How can I find this information and get in contact with Imogen ?



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This is the project. https://www.creativepassport.net/ I am suggesting it for inspiration more than anything else. She’s spoken about it quite a bit, if you google you’ll find articles, videos, etc.