[Ideation] Decentralized Bounty Application Built on NEAR

Title: Decentralized Bounty Application Built on NEAR

Project Members

  • Moses Finlay (moses.near)
  • Ryan Finlay (ryan.near)


A web app that enables users to sign in with their NEAR wallet and post bounties for work, a task, or a project that anyone could claim. The reward for these bounties would be a set amount of NEAR. To start with, we would like to test how this could work in a local community and focus on community-good projects like trash pickup, graffiti removal, invasive weed plant removal, and other helpful projects in the community.

Another example is where a user posts a bounty that requires someone to code a script that scrapes a website for data. Another user could claim that bounty and would have to complete it within a set time. When a user “completes” a bounty the author could either choose to approve it or reject it. The “time” required for a user to complete a bounty would be set by the author.

To prevent a user from accepting a task and then flaking out. A small amount of NEAR would be required from the user accepting the task. This way, that user would have some incentive not to flake out.


  1. To help local residents earn rewards while accomplishing projects that benefit the community.
  2. Provide a way for the community to fund projects that they might not be able to do themselves for various reasons. For example, an elderly resident might not be able to pick up trash along a riverbank. But they could contribute to a bounty that incentivizes and rewards someone else to accomplish the task.
  3. Remove barriers for people to work and be rewarded. Some of the people who earn these rewards also might not have access to other employment opportunities.
  4. This could help the unbanked by providing them a way to store value outside the traditional banking system.


  1. How to prevent two people from grabbing the same task.
    a. Allow someone to claim a task and then they need to submit proof of completion for that task within a set amount of time or it gets released.

  2. How to prevent someone from grabbing a task that might flake out and not do it.
    a. Charge .1 NEAR to claim a task, which is returned upon completion of the task.

  3. A user could complete a bounty but the author chooses not to send the reward. Meaning that the person working to complete the bounty would have done that work for nothing.
    a. At the time a user creates a bounty a set amount of NEAR is required as a reward. This NEAR would be transferred directly out of the user’s wallet and could never return. This way there would be no incentive if the author chose to decline the work done to complete their bounty.

  4. Another problem could arise when the author of a bounty tries to complete the bounty themselves after someone already did the work. They would do this to get the reward even if someone else already completed the bounty.
    a. The way to solve this problem is to remove the ability for the author to even submit a solution for the bounty.


Love this idea of gamifying and reward pro-social behavior, and ideally community building while you’re at it. I could see a token being part of this within the community - for example along with the NEAR bounties, they could earn tokens that are usable within that local economy for goods/services. As you advance I’d like to see a more explicit build out of how you see tokens involved in the DAPP.

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The concept proposal is very similar to a project I have under construction. I have built out a detailed protocol of this, would be happy to share and build this out together. Please get in touch :slight_smile:

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Amazing! I love this concept proposal also and is similar to a token I launched! Would love to build with you, Moses and Ryan also!

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