I want to translate & localize everything about NEAR in Turkish

Hello people.

I want to contribute and create an impact here and I’m ready to do my best. As a multidisciplinary designer, copywriter and a WEB 3 believer I want to get my hands dirty.

I’ve checked NEAR’s main website, wallet site, this forum and so on and never saw a well written Turkish translation. Poor sentences with weird meanings, god, NEAR deserves better!

And that’s the story.
I believe you have to give before you ask for, that’s why no proposals here.
The only thing we need to do is creating a Telegram or Discord group focused on this subject.

And you know what?
Turkey is a great country to market NEAR.
World Economic Forum shows that here: What countries use cryptocurrency the most? | World Economic Forum

Let’s get this done and maybe we’ll discuss for a completely Turkish NEAR Twitter page (also YouTube videos can be translated to Turkish thanks to captions) in the future.


I’m always open to suggestions and ready to think-tank.
I think today’s world is just like in the image below (yep, I did it), and really want to KILL WEB2 (oh easy boi, my ADHD strikes back) lol.



There are some NEAR knowledge here that u can use to start your translations. And u could publish these transalations as Mintbase NFTs, and we could produce voxels books for them and put them in the library. If there are books enough, we could reserve an entire shelf for it.


@crypto_blckhntr what do you think ? Thank You


Thank you for sharing me this. I hope your idea gets approved and people will find a better understanding about NEAR. :hugs:

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Thanks @Dacha for tagging me. :heart:

First of all, you know that we discussed the issue in detail on the forum.

Welcome @ozgur, hope you are doing well. :tipping_hand_man:
You can read what has been said and do some detailed research. You will even see that some translator groups have already been created.

The wallet translation has been reviewed many times and is perfectly done by professional translators. After the translation, with new updates, new words or sentences, etc. were added. We were informed last week that the file would be sent to us to update the Turkish version soon.

An example:
When we translated, there was only this.

but this was added later.
Ekran görüntüsü 2022-08-05 112245

There are already Twitter, Instagram, Medium, and YouTube accounts. Turkish-specific, simple and understandable news, articles, important updates, authentic research, and infographics to keep the community alive and informed.



Medium: (Articles in Turkish)


Thank You!


Hi @crypto_blckhntr.

I’ve been looking for a platform for our project (Suptitle) and I thought NEAR is a good fit. And I also think, when we actually launch the project, it would be great if Turkish people have heard about NEAR in advance. So that’s why, I could lend a hand and help translating NEAR’s content so that people would get accustomed to this platform. So this whole situation is a win-win one.

Thank you for all your effort on this matter. Please let me know if there is anything that I can help with. I’d be happy to contribute. If your team currently got a complete hold of this task and if you don’t need any help then the moderators can close this topic.



So, you came to the right and the perfect place!
You can introduce yourself and join the Turkish community.

and come to NEAR! join our Telegram group:

Have a nice days…!

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There is no community-crowdsourced translation initiative for the core NEAR documentation and website (yet!). But this may well come in the future, will keep everyone in the loop

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