How to get involved in the Business on NEAR DAO

Hello NEAR Community, the Business on NEAR DAO has now been operationalized and we are grateful for all the support by the community over the past couple of weeks. We have new members joining our public telegram group daily and the we are having a great time discussing Business on NEAR with all of them. Now that we have dipped our toes in the water, it’s time to take a deep dive and go all out. The Business on NEAR DAO council would love to invite everyone from the NEAR community to join us on this journey as we onboard teams and projects passionate about building on NEAR.

How can I get involved?

  • Help us reach out to teams and projects that are already building on other chains.
  • Connect us with builders by introducing them to our public telegram group. Telegram: Contact @business_dao
  • Fill up the referral form and refer projects (live/in development) that are operating outside the NEAR ecosystem. Invite them to build on NEAR. Tell them about the NEAR Grants program and the Referral program launched by the NEAR Foundation.
  • Make use of all awareness material without asking for permission.
  • Attend our weekly Business Hours, ask questions, introduce teams/projects, network with other members in the BoN Telegram group and start discussions.

What will be my reward?

  • Every team/project that is introduced to us by community members will be eligible for a 25 NEAR reward once the lead is qualified. Bring builders to our Telegram group, get them connected with us and we will invite them for a call. Once we have done our due diligence and satisfied of the authenticity and demonstrable interest of the project/team to build on NEAR, the BoN DAO will reward the referrer with 25 NEAR per lead. Fun fact: There’s no limit on the number of referrals per person.
  • Once a lead is qualified, the NEAR Foundation will assess the said team/project for a grant. In the event of a referred project/team getting a grant by the NEAR Foundation, the referrer will be awarded 10% of the total grant amount (upto 10K USD) as a referral bonus.

That’s it. Simple and easy. Just help us onboard more builders into the NEAR ecosystem and get paid in $NEAR for your contributions. In particular, we’re looking for new projects to build on NEAR or to integrate via Aurora. Full details along with the referral form can be found here: Pick Projects You Love, Receive Upto 10,000 $NEAR | NEAR Protocol

Psst, here’s a hack: Keep an eye out for tweets like these by influential people in the blockchain space and reach out to the projects that have been mentioned in the comments of such tweets. One can easily find several projects this way. Just tell them about the NEAR grants program, send them to us, fill out the referral form and sit back. We will make sure every referrer who brings qualified lead is rewarded for their efforts.

Tweet Example 1:

Tweet Example 2:

Please feel free to join our public Telegram chat and join us during our weekly NEAR Business Hour and we will be happy to help!


Sounds good, thanks for sharing! <3

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