Hello, we are Cavenwell DAO - corporate structuring specialists

Hi Everyone

We’re delighted to introduce Cavenwell and our partnership with NEAR to provide projects building and growing on the platform with the specialised expertise they require.

Who are we?

Cavenwell provides end-to-end managed corporate & legal structuring solutions that are specifically tailored to web 3.0 projects and their digital entrepreneurs. Our team are experts in corporate structuring, international finance and regulatory compliance but have been professionally active in Web 3.0 building our own projects and investing in others, since 2016. This uniquely positions us with the knowledge, experience, expertise and market connectivity to bridge the gap between both industries.


We’ve been big believers in NEAR for some time, both professionally and privately, with many of our clients and personal investments being NEAR ecosystem projects. We are delighted to now be establishing a Cavenwell <> NEAR partnership to more broadly support the ecosystem and the projects that are being built here.

Why Cavenwell DAO?

Establishing our on-chain presence within the NEAR ecosystem is an important step for us. It highlights our commitment to NEAR and presents Cavenwell in a familiar form that aligns with the strategy and development of the ecosystem. The legal, compliance and corporate structuring landscape is a difficult one to navigate. This is ever more so the case given it’s constantly shifting nature, but getting this element right is so integral to a project’s success.

We believe that establishing this presence will ensure projects building on NEAR can access the services and expertise needed to structure correctly and bring Web 3.0 products to market.

How can we help?

We’re already working closely with the NEAR Team and many of the projects building here. We have some plans to publish some guides/knowledge drops and generally contribute to conversations where we can but we welcome projects, entrepreneurs and those curious to reach out.

We can help with all matters related to jurisdiction selection, corporate structuring (eg. for token sales, dApps, DAOs etc) , regulatory & compliance, funds, private wealth & nomad residency as well as crypto friendly corporate & personal banking.


Welcome @Cavenwell - overjoyed to see a corporate restructuring and compliance collective in the NEAR ecosystem. I currently lead the Business on NEAR DAO and would love to explore areas of cooperation. Already confident that Cavenwell DAO will definitely add significant value to the business and regulatory discourse in the community!


Hello, thanks for joining our community !

Will be great to have a meeting with you and/or your team, we have a project we will like to discuss with you.

Welcome again, and all the best :beers:


Thanks @chronear. Absolutely, would love to chat. Will reach out directly to arrange a time to speak.

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Thanks @FritzWorm! Sure thing, we’ll reach out to arrange a time to chat :slight_smile:

Super excited to have you join the ecosystem Cavenwell team! I know you will be able to provide a lot of value to the community and help teams structure in the right way for long term security and success.


This is amazing!! And super well timed what with the ongoing discussions around regulations and what not. Welcome, guys!


Welcome! What is the best way for a project to engage with you? Are there any pre-requisites or expectations that you want to set around the types engagements you can support? ie timing, fees, availability.

Thanks @ispytodd. We’re happy to work on most engagements, with a few small exceptions. We’re unable to work with anon teams (we will require KYC) and we’re unlikely to be suitable for smaller “hobby” type projects, as even at the lowest end, fees are in the 5 digits. We can turn most things around in a few weeks, depending on complexity.

At the moment we’re happy to receive enquiries as direct messages here, or on email to hello@cavenwell.io with information on the project but will soon be developing a screening form that projects can complete to help triage those we can support.

We’re also working on a more self service, lower cost solution as we do believe everyone should have access to these services.


Great add to the commnunity! Welcome to the ecosystem.

We are from The Clan Guild and Brazil Guild