Hack Nodes Open Call - Hackathon 1 Update

Hi @chloe
Yep, planning to do something…but I think it’s come around too quickly this time to get properly organised…ZBG been going for less than a week !


Luckily this is only for “Hackathon 1” :eyes: there’s always next time :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Didier, fellow Londoner here (ok, well, I’m from the North, but don’t tell anyone).

Drop me a DM and we can book some time for a call if you fancy it?


Thks Chloe : ) Much appreciated

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What do you mean by “to add to the local prize pool”? Prize for the local organiser(s) or prize to be added to a specific challenge here: Airtable - Live Challenges for near.org/metabuidl

From my understanding, NEAR Foundation has already spent his max prize pool ($100,000). Correct? Can we bring a sponsor to add a new prize pool for a new challenge?

Getting ready for London here :wink:


Prizes to be added to the challenge the Hack Node hosts. This challenge is also listed in the Airtable you linked to that contains all the other challenges that are part of the Hackathon.

If you’re able to secure sponsor(s) to further sweeten the pot of funds NEAR is offering up for grabs, it makes it all that much more exciting, no? :upside_down_face:

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Hey Hack Nodes,

If you’re planning on hosting an offline challenge in order to take advantage of the max. USD $5,000 prize pool available to you as a Hack Node, be sure to upload your challenge details in the form here ASAP.

Be sure to link to your challenge when it is approved in your Hack Node Proposal so we can see at a glance all the activities you’re hosting and how it all fits into your proposed budget.

Would it be possible to apply for Hack Node some time in future? I represent an IT services company Levi9 based in Kyiv, Ukraine.

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Hello @isonar - yes, we would be happy to have you apply now to host a Hack Node during our October or December Hackathons! Please fill out the form we’ve been using for August, and a team member will be in touch once this current Hackathon has concluded.

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This is awesome !!! I hope you take Caracas into account !

Caracas is craving for solutions that impulse old ways to move money, share and store value but also having places to learn and have fun. So we can start the city node with this big hackaton event.

Lots of developers looking to growth and learn about blockchain and use their skills to make a build more solutions on it.

Also, users/people ready to save their life by a protocol, going all in in their savings to be protected by the blockchain protocols.

In addition a team looking for new ways to run ideas is a priceless sandbox! I stand for Caracas to be part with a Near guild plan and developing from scratch a user-based solution!

@Luismayar @Mineriavirtual @Nicolasp2 @Jloc


Yessss Caracas Hack Node for October!!! :partying_face: Feel out the form @FritzWorm and we’ll contact you in mid-September with next steps.

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We deployed a METABUIDL Hackathon Team Matching Service https://metabuidl.nearspace.info which helps to:

  • discover available positions and join a team
  • find a teammate and start building

I didn’t see such a service before for blockchain hackathons, so I guess it could be a great benefit for our participants to create collaborations and networks.

Btw this project is open source https://github.com/zavodil/near-metabuidl so everyone is able to fork it and use it their own hackathon team-matching service! #MetabuidlThemAll

Please promote this service and help our contributors to build strong teams. It’s a nice starting point for non technical persons since they are in position to create profiles and find teams which are looking for artists, designers, promoters, products and ideas.


I am very glad to confirm that @David_NEAR and I will organise the London Hack Node on the 15th of October. It’s coming home :uk:

We have already two confirmed speakers. More info and details to come very soon.

Any Londoners here? Please don’t hesitate to reach out!


This is great! Will share it right now!


I’d love to host a node for the October/December Hackathon in Jacksonville, Florida.

amazing . nice initiative.

great work.keep it up

Heyyy!!! How are you ?

I did fill the form. And we are in October now hehehe, well I hope there will be more opportunities or guidance so we can participate ? :v: :sweat_smile:

@David_NEAR want to host one of these nodes. How could I proceed?


This initiative has since been closed in favour of Regional Hubs which are rolling out around the world.

You can still get funding for in-person events via the MarketingDAO.

In the not so distant future, we’ll be launching an events-focused initiative for global events.

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