[GUIDE] NxM Funding Guidelines for Projects

NOTE: Please read the below guide carefully, and adjust your proposal based on provided rules.

The NxM Music Projects Grant is designed to support members of the NxM community with funding for their music-related projects.

You may apply for a maximum of $500 USD in funding for your music project from the NxM DAO per month. Half of the amount can be paid in advance.


You can submit your proposal 6 days before the end of the month.

Submissions Process:

Create your submission by posting a “ New Topic ” on the Near Governance Forum with the following title: [Proposal] Your Project Name

For example - [Project Proposal] My New NFT

Use the following tags:

  • Where it says “uncategorized” type NxM and select the “Creatives / NxM Guild” tag.
  • In the “optional tags” box choose both “NxM DAO” & “Proposals” tags.

Your Proposal:

Fill in the main text input field with your detailed proposal!

Once you have completed your submission select the “Create Topic” button in blue at the bottom left to complete. You can always edit your proposal once you’ve posted it if you need to make changes.

Review & Approval:

All proposals will be reviewed by the NxM DAO Councils on the 1st of every month with a decision made by the 6th.

Approval will be given in the comment thread of your proposal on the governance forum and you will be advised on how to submit your proposal to the NxM DAO.


To simplify the process your application proposal should contain the following information:

  • Proposed Date of your project
  • Purpose of Project (what do you hope to achieve)
  • Who is involved (including artists…)
  • What are your goals (why do you want to do this project)
  • Detailed budget (how much goes to who)


  • Be honest and as detailed as possible
  • Include members of the NxM community
  • Incorporate NFTs (poster, gifts, art, collaborations) in your proposal
  • Try to engage artists who are not yet in web3 space
  • Use clear and simple English to convey your message
  • Ask for help from NxM community admins
  • Explore previously approved proposals to see how others have done it


Once you fully deliver the music project, please include the following details in one file for sake of smooth work:

  • main artwork (or artworks if you want to mint more NFTs)
  • mp3 files
  • description
  • NEAR wallets name of the collaborators + percentage splits + copies to mint + price

We can always add your NEAR wallet name to NxM open store if you would like to mint NFTs on your own.


  • Your music will be minted on NxM Store, where NxM DAO will be set into forever royalties - 1% from every sale, and a default royalty - 5% on the first sale,
  • Your music will be uploaded to Tamago on the official NxM profile and linked with your NEAR wallet where you will be able to receive tips in $NEAR

Tamago Partnership:

NxM has started a partnership with Tamago in order to expose our community music to a larger audience.

Tamago is a decentralized audio streaming platform with no gatekeeping or advertising, where artists, creators, and fans are in the first place. We find this attitude close to NxM’s mission, therefore we feel that NxM & Tamago partnership will be beneficial for both communities.


NxM and Tamago don’t own any rights to your music, you’re legally responsible for your content, and you have full ownership rights to your music

By submitting your proposal to NxM, you are giving us permission to:

  • Set NxM DAO into forever royalties
  • Upload music on your behalf to Tamago


Due to issues of inappropriately used funds, we have implemented a curated list of community members eligible to apply for funding.

Application Process:

If you wish to be added to the list to be eligible for funding, you have to create a topic as an application in NxM Category on the NEAR forum, which will be reviewed by the NxM Council. Once your application will be approved you will receive a special Membership NFT.

Please include basic information such as:

  • NEAR name,
  • Background on your music career,
  • When did you join NxM,
  • What other communities in the NEAR ecosystem are you involved in,
  • Link to your music,
  • Do you own all rights to your music, including instrumentals.

Please do note that:

  • You can also buy the Membership NFT if someone would like to sell it,

  • If you sell your NFT, you will lose the privilege to apply for a grant, even when you are an active member,

  • If your proposal is approved, you need to wait for full funding round (1 month between proposals) prior to submitting another proposal,

  • Holding NxM Membership badge doesn’t mean that your proposal will be approved if the requirements above will not be met,

  • Council’s decision is the FINAL decision.


Perfect​:clap:t5:…Thanks for the clarification


This is an amazing effort for supporting the new comers as well the usecase of NFTs for the Membership.


hello Paul, how are you?
I want to propose some music production to NxM Dao next week, do you know someone that I can ask some dudes? If you know could you help me? <3 my email: aisthesislab@gmail.com
Thank you Very Much