[GUIDE] Hackathon Design Challenges + Bounty Criteria - Social Tokens DAO

The Social Tokens SputnikDAO has been created in order to support the use of social tokens within the web3 community and specifically throughout the NEAR ecosystem. Over the course of the hackathon, community members will be invited to submit “payout proposals” to the DAO. These payout proposals, if successfully passed, will allow participants to earn NEAR tokens for their support in solving problems within the creative web3 space.


  • Viral Onboarding Flow

    • e.g. bonuses, airdrops
  • Playful Growth Strategies

    • e.g. stake + earn mechanisms, curation games
  • Accessible / Educational UX

    • e.g. easy purchase of social tokens via landing page


  • Adherence to design challenges.
  • Explores and builds on new use cases within NEAR ecosystem.
  • Top of funnel experience encourages engagement and retainment.
  • Growth strategies use games, viral experiences/memes and/or social activity.
  • Fluid compatibility with other social token legos, Discord bots, wallets, and other protocols and API’s.
  • Interfaces are easy to use and thoughtfully guide and educate non-crypto natives.
  • Token earning and purchase mechanisms are clear and accessible.
  • Additional considerations will be made for participants who collaborate with other tracks (e.g. NFT’s, DAO’s, etc.).


  • Ideation (min 500 words): 10 NEAR
  • Project Presentation (Visual Outline): 20 NEAR
  • Video Demo (Video Presentation): 30 NEAR
  • Github Submission (Complete “Read Me”, video presentation, open-source): 40 NEAR

Every entrant to the Createbase Hackathon that completes a full project submission (completes all 4 tasks) for this topic can earn a minimum of 100 NEAR. A separate payout proposal to the Social Tokens SputnikDAO is needed for each completed task, although it is not required to complete all of the available tasks in order to submit a final project for the hackathon (40 NEAR can still be earned with only a final submission). It is also not required to create multiple threads, one thread can be used for all 4 tasks (editing each time to add new information).


  • Please include the near accounts of you and our hackathon teammates (if you have them) in all of your submission posts.
  • Please only use one forum thread per submission. Posts to the forum can be edited or replied to as it is necessary to add content to a submission.
  • Ensure that you are using the link to your specific post in the SputnikDAO payout proposal. Council members will use the link provided to make a voting decision on your proposal.

As people are putting together their presentation slides, please check this out as one suggested format: The Only 10 Slides You Need in Your Pitch - Guy Kawasaki

This is very basic/straightforward. You can certainly be more creative, and also there’s nothing wrong with sticking to something tried & true! Happy for others to share their favorite pitch deck formats/guides as well!

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Hey folks! Attendance at our scheduled events has been quite slim, and most projects are not yet at the submission stage, so we’re going to cancel today’s event. We will focus on supporting the building toward github submissions. If you are interested in feedback and support, please reach out on discord here (https://discord.gg/v7PejW6s), dm me on discord (I’m @enicole) or dm me here and we’ll find a time to meet. I hope to see more videos and github submissions over the coming days and weeks!

New tread for answering:

Hi, I had the project ready yesterday but took sometime to refine it as far as I’ve seen your message on discord.
Project name is Varda.vision

Ideation with tokenomics → Blog link with roadmap (about 600 words) → full website with visual outline and roadmap

Project presentation videos:

Github repo: GitHub - jilt/NFT-Staking

Another github repo for the Varda Vault will be added soon in order to airdrop the NFT game cards to the owners of the founders NFTs, scheduled for publication in July on Paras.

Our partners are:

  1. humanguild (who hosts a Varda exhibition in their metaverse virtual space)
  2. NarWallets Meta-Pool Tokenized staking as a social DAO governed token for our marketplace.
  3. OpenWebSandbox who’s funding the social media campaign
  4. Paras market who’s scheduled a sponsored drop for our founders staves on July.
  5. Covalent who’s assisting in creating the Vault thanks to their NEAR blockchain indexing.

near account for rewards: jilt.near

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Thanks @jilt - can you also create a separate thread with your project links that you provided above so we can chat and respond in there?

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Yes sure,doing it now

Do you want me to do another request on sputnik DAO too?