[Guide] Createbase Hackathon - Social Tokens DAO

Welcome to the Social Tokens Category of the Createbase Hackathon.

The Social Tokens https://sputnik.fund/#/social-tokens.sputnikdao.near has been created in order to support the use of social tokens within the web3 community and specifically throughout the NEAR ecosystem. Over the course of the hackathon, community members will be invited to submit “payout proposals” to the DAO. These payout proposals, if successfully passed, will allow participants to earn NEAR tokens for their support in solving problems within the creative web3 space.

From May 15th to June 6th 2021, this topic will be used as a discussion thread for payout proposals that are to be submitted to https://sputnik.fund/#/social-tokens.sputnikdao.near. To participate and earn rewards, please post the relevant information needed to successfully complete your intended task in the Social Tokens Category of the NEAR Forum.

If the hackathon project is more general, please feel free to use the general Creatives Category of the NEAR forum.


  • Ideation (min 500 words): 10 NEAR
  • Project Presentation (Visual Outline): 20 NEAR
  • Video Demo (Video Presentation): 30 NEAR
  • Github Submission (Complete “Read Me”, video presentation, open-source): 40 NEAR

Every entrant to the Createbase Hackathon that completes a full project submission (completes all 4 tasks) for this topic can earn a minimum of 100 NEAR. A separate payout proposal to the Social Tokens https://sputnik.fund/#/social-tokens.sputnikdao.near is needed for each completed task, although it is not required to complete all of the available tasks in order to submit a final project for the hackathon (40 NEAR can still be earned with only a final submission). It is also not required to create multiple threads, one thread can be used for all 4 tasks (editing each time to add new information).

Before Submission

  • Please include the near accounts of you and our hackathon teammates (if you have them) in all of your submission posts.
  • Please only use one forum thread per submission. Posts to the forum can be edited or replied to as it is necessary to add content to a submission.
  • Ensure that you are using the link to your specific post in the SputnikDAO payout proposal. Council members will use the link provided to make a voting decision on your proposal.

Funding proposal for Social Token events by SeedClub:

Funding proposal for Social Tokens DAO for bounty payouts:

Have you heard of TapTap/steam platform? This app only provides game-related services, where players learn about games, download games, rate games, and discuss games. At the same time, players can also get to know each other socially. In addition to popular games, many unpopular or experimental games will be released on it, because they can attract more attention on TapTap/Steam. This platform application can be combined with the blockchain to become a tokenized dapp. Through the platform to monitor the game time to understand the player’s game love, as well as the player’s activity on the platform, reward players with platform tokens, and use tokens to decentralize the governance of application development and the games and revenues posted on it. (My near wallet:dj_dfg.near)


Seems like an interesting Dapp idea to have game devs get their games reviewed as well. Please feel free to make this idea its own thread by going to Social Tokens - NEAR Forum and clicking “New Topic”. That way you can have the freedom to add to your idea as needed.

Also, I am assuming this is your Ideation?

Of course LoL, I like playing game

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Awesome, well then I am excited to maybe see some of your NFT gaming ideas in this hackathon :ok_hand:t4:. With near.mintbase.io you could have your own NFT minting platform, but ideas for how to turn NFT minting into a fun game, would be great!

You can submit the gaming aspects of your idea here: NFT Gaming - NEAR Forum

Interesting insight from @jamesyoung in the Social Token TG

hope that the high level characterization helps understanding. With Collab.Land we are seeing “playbooks” starting to emerge that further define different types of social tokens :

- protocol governance (Uniswap, The Graph)
- community first (1Hive, MetaGame, FWB)
- media/brand extension (Bankless, Abracadabra)
- fan based (RAC, Car Coin)

there are a few more that we are still questioning how to categorize (i.e. events) and nuance in the ones mentioned above

This came up after @jlwaugh pasted the “Building Social Token Economies” panel discussion from the #CreatorsandCommunities conference =)


Happy to get contacted by anyone who wants to join the MONOGRAMA Initiative / CRYPTO ART 4 SOCIAL IMPACT

NEAR Address: monograma.near

Good day NEAR Family,

This is Hervé from the MONOGRAMA.

MONOGRAMA Initiative has been designed for the one interested into building their digital identity linked on the blockchain to values such as Ethics, Social Impact, Humanitarian and Environmental Causes Engagement.

Our goal is to create a balanced, objective platform for deepening the Crypto Art and Fintech ecosystems, building global bridges, fostering cutting edge thought leadership and enabling global knowledge sharing for Social Impact and Inclusion through our Social Token.

To build this ecosystem, we are aiming to onboard leaders from the entire spectrum of the Crypto Art, Digital Finance, Consumers and Innovation Ecosystems: Artists, Collectors, NFT Market Places, DAO Regulators, Multilateral Agencies, NGOs, Fintech Companies and Blockchain Foundations.

Angel Investors, VCs and thought leaders and Academia will bring legitimacy to our project in the future.

Feel free to contact me. There is a place for anyone who can bring his/her expertise in Dev, Integration, Content Generation, Design, Community Management, Marketing, Crypto Art, Human Rights, Legal and Decentralized Finance.

Thank you for taking the time to read. Talk to you soon,


@chloe @mecsbecs thank you for your guidance!!!


[IDEATION]: Marma J Foundation: Social Tokens DAO

Link to Ideation: [IDEATION]: Marma J Foundation: Social Tokens DAO

Submission by: bianca.near
Target: marmaj.sputnikdao.near


LOVE the focus on UX and front-end - so crucial right now for onboarding and accessibility. Thanks for this proposal and looking forward to seeing what you build!


Nación Libertad - Author: sprintwithcarlos.near

Createbase Community Hackathon

Social Token Bounty Proposal sponsored by Seed Club

For this project we want to use social tokens and NFTs. We will address 2 out of 3 of Design Challenges explained by Nicole at the Seed Club event:

  • Accessible / Educational UX

  • Viral onboarding flow

Our target audience is crypto-neophite in a majority, that is why for us is crucial to design both the best onboarding and the best on-app experience to increase registration and engagement.

There are some issues in which we still have doubts, for example, the recommended total token supply regarding social tokens and we know for sure that this is something in which you can help us to figure out.

Below our full proposal for the metagov bounty, we would like to collaborate Seed Club also promoting you to Spanish speaking users.

Living standard in third world countries has resulted in a massive loss of talent (brain drain) to countries able to guarantee better rule of law, security and democracy.

Nación Libertad is a “brain gain” community that support the transfer of know-how back to migrants’ home countries to improve their public good.

Since authoritarian regimes riddled with corruption, bigotry and censorship of dissent typically rule third world countries we have chose Web3 as a mean to secure the access of their citizens to the information produced and conveyed by our community members.

Also we have chose Web3 to allow anybody build their interface to the data stored at NEAR. We believe that by promoting protocol over platform, collaborative action and open participation will increase Protocols, not platforms: A Technological approach to free speech

Our main goals are:

  • Help local communities to organize and expose their needs and constraints to Nación Libertad innovators

  • Empower citizens to self-organize towards the solution of their needs

  • Increase awareness about the importance of collective action

Community members can select three different roles: advocates, innovators or organizers. Should you agitate, innovate or orchestrate

Action Plan


  1. Training campaign to explain Nación Libertad’s goal, its benefits

  2. Onboarding campaign in which we will explain and help them create their NEAR wallet. We will create a series of videos for this that will be distributed through our social media.


Brief Drafting for advocates

For local communities we will create a video tutorial in which we will provide a standard process to gather their needs, to clearly explain them to the rest of community members, raise awareness and promote engagement.

Design Thinking for innovators

We will train innovators to adopt design thinking mindset and tools to empathize, define, ideate, prototype, test and implement solutions to local communities’ needs. We will use “The Field Guide to Human-Centered Design” by IDEO as reference.

Agile Training for orchestrators

We will train organizers in agile methodology, both Scrum and Kanban adapted to collaborative action usage.

Launch Event:

  • Online gathering in which local communities will share their needs to the community. We will provide them a presentation template to ensure consistency in the information shared with the rest of members of community

  • Solution presentation to the local community

  • Proposal items will be voted using the quaker consensus decision-making process

  • Once approved, local community will implement with the support of organizers

  • Every milestone will be shared with the all community

To organize communities we will promote the use of DAOs on the NEAR protocol, with a Quaker-based decision-making process instead of the current one (majority). Our goal is to create the contract that will rule these DAOs.

I have experience developing Solidity and Hyperledger smart contracts and currently I am on the NEAR developer certification. I have also developed training in several matters such as UX Research, Design Thinking, Blockchain and Innovation.

Since Nación Libertad is a global community, English and Spanish will be our two main languages, increasing the exposure of NEAR protocol to the Spanish Speaking world (442 million people )




I’m super super interested in this - my father is Bolivian and I’m very familiar with the brain drain experienced there. Looking forward to learning more about your work. Please reach out directly here or in the Discord if you’d like help advancing your project.


Thanks Nicole, this is very encouraging! I really liked your workshop with Chloe since you come from and educational/music background, provided great insights about the design challenges and I feel honored you find Nación Libertad super interesting. Certainly I will contact you to talk about this brain gain initiative.
I discovered Seed Club through Jade Darmawangsa, I’m been learning with her content from some time now.
Thanks again!


Hi @starpause - . first time on here. @zeitwarp sent me your way - following suggestion from chloethedev to contact a council member.
i’ve been messing around with near social tokens for the last month and didn’t know anything about the hackathon. are you still accepting submissions for projects like a few of the other dao’s?
or are there any other social token bounty/support programs?


so ive posted some detail about my project in the social tokens part of the forum - i think: