Future of creator and ownership economies

Blockchain and NEAR specifically are unlocking new possibilities in creator and ownership economies. New ways to earn via skills and creativity, without having someone in the middle.

While there are many things that will be possible because of blockchain that we can’t imagine yet, I’m curious how are people thinking about creator and ownership economies looking in 5-10 year.

Can you paint a picture of what the success for blockchain and NEAR looks like in this case? How will current trends of growing local influencers and at the same time their de-platforming and censorship will be evolving and what technologies can be powering this?

Feel free to post thoughts about some parts of the economy like evolution of digital art or how gaming will change with earning model.

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the biggest ownership is Money which store the value of our time/labor ,NEAR Protocol will be the information system for our labor allocation,this is the way (should be)of an openweb.

The thing we call money is just an information system for labor allocation.
What actually matters is making goods & providing services.
We should look at currencies from an information theory standpoint.
Whichever has least error & latency will win.