Flying Rhino November 2021 Roundup

#NEARvember is ending! What a crazy month, with both internal and external milestones met after the incredible event of #NEARcon. This month, the Flying Rhinos did a lot of internal growth and development, preparing for the next year, as well as perfecting our team workflow, output, attention to detail, and communication. We put 100% into serving our clients in the NEAR ecosystem as best as possible with transparency, honesty, and integrity. We are excited to announce that we officially have a Flying Rhino DAO on Astro DAO!! This will help us to reach our community engagement and inclusion goals.

Flying Rhino personal metrics: statistics.pdf (381.7 KB)

Without further ado, let the roundup commence!
One on One consultations/meetings held with clients: 6
Weekly Social Media schedules created (includes both tier 1 and tier 2 clients): 28
Social Media Blueprints created: 7
Medium blogs published: 2
NFT drop competitions held: 2
Memes created: 9
Tik Toks Created: 11

For clarity, here is a list of our services at the moment and which clients fall under which categories. This month, we welcomed over 5 new clients to the Flying Rhino sphere! :slight_smile:

Tier 1 client management- includes daily posting, interacting, community engagement, and communication with the client as well as the creation of a weekly posting schedule for reference. Social media channels are run by the flying rhino team!

-ItsMyne statistic ITSMYNE.pdf (234.3 KB)
-Bob Boom Comicbob statistics.pdf (457.9 KB)
-Legal Guild
-Astro DAO

-Naksh (newly onboarded- services have just begun)
-Minting Music (newly onboarded- services have just begun)

Tier 2 client management- includes weekly check in call, weekly social media schedule sent to clients, and graphics and tik toks to accompany all posts and blogs when relevant:
-Sankore Guild
-Oct Network

Social Media Advising: Includes a light weekly posting schedule (topic and focus ideas, strategy, etc) as well as a weekly call for advising and marketing purposes
-NEAR Philippines

Our team performed to the best of our ability, with the following tasks completed by each member:
-Monthly check ins with all clients (video call)
-Organizing and managing the Trello tasks for the team for the week
-Working on outreach and internal organization
-Attending weekly team calls
-Initial consults with 5 new partnerships and clients
-Weekly calls with Legal Guild, S2 Guild, and NEAR Philippines for check ins, advising, and strategy
-Drafted 7 social media blueprints
-Creation of weekly posting/content schedules for 7 clients
-Completion of the second part of the exclusive Flying Rhino social media guide teaser to attach to NFT competition
-Finalized and submitted a Flying Rhino Gen C submission

-Weekly graphic creation
-Sending graphics, blog headers, etc in a timely and professional manner
-Total creation of 100+ graphics
-Daily communication with team members
-Created individualized design templates for each client, including new onboarding ones
-Worked directly with Legal Guild to completely rebrand and redesign their current style

-ItsMyne account management: daily posting, engagement, communication with client, coordinating partnership efforts, outreach efforts, etc
-Bob Boom account management: daily posting, engagement, communication with client, coordinating partnership efforts, outreach efforts, etc
-Began direct account management for Naksh and Minting Music: daily posting, engagement, communication with client, coordinating partnership efforts, outreach efforts, etc
-Attending weekly team calls
-Unique NFT creation for the guild, as well as successfully completing Twitter airdrop competitions
-Daily Flying Rhino account management: daily posting, engagement, communication
-Wrote 2 Medium blogs for the Flying Rhino medium
-Drafted weekly schedules for all accounts assigned
-Aided in drafting the Flying Rhino Gen C competition submission

-Direct account management for Astro DAO and Sankore Guild
-Daily posting, engagement, communication
-Video clipping and uploading for Myriad and QSTN from interviews, panels, etc to prepare material for posting
-Worked directly with Legal Guild to form a comprehensive LInkedIn strategy and execute
-Weekly posting schedules for Sankore and Astro DAO
-Compilation of a NEAR influencers list for promotional and marketing purposes

-Created 11 Tik Toks for clients
-Began running the Astro DAO official Tik Tok account
-Weekly Tik Tok creation according to client specifications, ideas, etc.

November was a great month of growth for the Guild, and we aimed to deliver our work in the most engaging and detailed manner possible. With a team of 6 now, we are busier than ever and happy to serve those in the ecosystem in any way we can! Feedback from clients has been very positive although we value honesty in aiding us to truly improve. Flying Rhino Guild aims to be transparent and thorough in both our reporting, analytic confirmations, and services.

We are so excited for a fun and successful December with more new clients, initiatives, and learning opportunities! If anyone is in need of step by step, curated social media marketing help, do not hesitate to reach out on our socials or website :slight_smile:


Good evening. How much every guild pays to your guild for marketing activities?

This question from your October’s report.

Why did you paid $300 to coyotefugly , what kind of work she did, I couldn’t find this information in your report

What kind of work did this wallet ? Why it got $5000 ?

Who is @tratt.near ?

Where is form for new clients?


Guilds don’t pay us we are a community service. Coyotefugly aided in creating Tik Toks when our Tik Tok person Ben (Tratt.near) was unable to due to school. the leader and manager of the guild makes the average pay that a social media marketing manager does, foliage 10.

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Ok thanks.

Could you please in the next time ask help with Tik Tok people in our official TG group?

Near community members should have equal access to opportunities. We have not only coyotefugly in our great community.

May I have links on 11 tik tok works? Which one was created by coyote? Just wanna watch how we spent $200. Thanks for transparency.

Where is form for new clients? I wanna promote my guild for instance.